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Coming Full Circle

The 'so-called nostalgic' among us wait for special days — when we dress up a particular way, eat certain foods and practice certain customs, and watch TV shows discussing our valuable culture. But isn’t that mistaking the wood for the trees? That is merely celebration of a certain culture. Real culture comprises of...

A film that inspires me – Monsoon Wedding

"Which films/ filmmakers have inspired you?" This is a common question that I rarely get to answer properly. I was recently asked this question as the base for an entire interview. Though we had to limit it to one representational film, I was happy to have an opportunity to discuss whys and hows...

What is special about the Indian PM’s speech in Dubai?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to UAE and the Malayalam words in his speech yesterday, are an acknowledgement of a population that has long yearned for such recognition. My father T.M.Nair arrived in Dubai in 1959. Until then he was working with Burmah Shell, Bombay. Ambition drove him  across the seas. After a...

Measuring a country

I believe Obama's now famous quote can and should be understood as "You can measure how well a country, COMPANY, COMMUNITY OR FAMILY does by how well it treats its women". When Mallika Sherawat spoke of India being regressive towards women, folks pounced on her for deriding the country in a public forum. But...