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Jagathy Sreekumar

Yesterday, at this time, I was waiting outside the ICU at the MIMS hospital, Calicut. I have only known him professionally and just for the past few years, but around me were those who have known him for decades. As we waited anxiously to know his condition after the accident, my thoughts rewound to...

Ustad Hotel – at the shoot

A new structure has sprung up on Calicut beach - "Ustad Hotel". :-) Its so much fun to see something literally pop out from the script pages and stand there in multidimensional reality! I had thought that one feels that kind of happiness only when one is a director but I was wrong....

Which movie? Or which theatre?

I was surfing through the channels and came across a panel discussion where the topic of discussion was 'Movie Theatres in Kerala'.  On the panel were representatives of each concerned party - director, producer, distributor, exhibitor etc...

Serial killers!

Serial Killers
Someone pointed out, gone are the days of Muthassi kathas from Kerala because the Muthassis are too busy watching television serials! Yes, I must be daft to look for deep revelations of the human psyche from the Malayalam television serials- but my curiosity is less about the characters, more about those who watch them.

No Aamir Khan?

Dhobi GhatRecently I had a meeting with a gentleman from the Mumbai advertising world. The conversation veered to contemporary Indian cinema. He had seen Peepli Live on television the previous day and so had I. He spoke of his experience in rural India and how true to life Anusha Rizvi had made her film. “There are more than a handful films like this made every year in India- but how many does one actually get to see? If it weren’t for Aamir Khan as a producer, would such a film reach us?” A completely valid thought.

But it was his next comment that stayed with me. “What does one do if one doesn’t have an Aamir Khan?”

Join the leagues of filmmakers who have given up on their film midway? or those who have finished it and sealed it in cans? or those who blunder through the chain of events that may break one? Or try and be your own Aamir Khan?

A friend of mine who’s first feature film became an unexpected super hit in Bollywood said that a producer|director relationship is like a marriage – you stick through it for the sake of the film. You cant run away from each other. In private if you ask him about his producers’ role in making the film – he’d tell you that he “made the film DESPITE them!”

The Blog – 2010 in review

The Blog O  MeterHi everyone: sharing this with you because you deserve to read this more than me! Thank you!


The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Juggle away to 2011!

Ever seen the juggling acrobat in a circus? Very often I feel like one.

Science daily says that multi-tasking skills should be my forte… but here I am struggling with the thoughts crowding my head as I go to bed tonight… Am trying to wear caps of the writer, filmmaker, homemaker, host, partner & business partner all at once… each of them fits ok but there is just one head 🙁