Bangalore Days FDFS

A month ago.

Usually I try to write a small blognote before the release of a film. Did so for the first three releases, but this fourth one has been different in many respects. On May 29th I arrived back from Chennai to Kochi at 8pm after 56 sleepless working hours to find my two year old son, angry with me. He wouldn’t speak to me or even look at me since I had been away from him for 7 whole days for the sound postproduction. It broke my heart and so blogging about the release of Bangalore Days the next day, did not happen. (For those who care: hours of cajoling later he let me kiss him. Phew!)

BD poster

May 30th | Interior. Home – Morning 9:30am

A familiar scene from my life. Everyone’s ready but me – am running helter-skelter coz I can’t find what to wear! Finally I pull together three pieces in the same colour and run to catch the first show in time. My mother stays at home with mon. Everyone else off to the theatre with me. Nervous? No way… Scared to death is more like it.

In Bollywood they have a saying “Sholay ke baad Shaan hi banti hai” meaning after every huge success there is a giant failure. It happened in the case of Sholay & Shaan and a hundred other examples. Would it be in the case of Ustad Hotel & Bangalore Days?

Was I crazy or wot? A multi narrative, with these many actors, motocross racing and every other factor only adding onto the expectation… some kind of madness this was… nevertheless here we were…

Exterior. Padma theatre – 10:30am.

Folks are rushing in for the show. I send my family in and look out for Anwar – my friend, philosopher & producer. I found him still sitting in his car! I jump in beside him and admit that am too scared to go in.

He : “Are you crazy? Go inside!!”

Me: “what are you doing here?”

He: ” Eh…I’m like this for first shows, I don’t sit in one place…Eh… I get tense inside”


Cut to: So there I was, sitting in the darkened theatre with the crew, the cast, the friends, my brothers, my husband on my left , Littil Swayamp, my ‘right hand’ appropriately on my right. Yes in that hall, were people who had worked to the bone for this film and also the few who had b****ed me out during the making of this film. But most importantly I was sitting with the AUDIENCE.

Fade in: Kuttan’s face appears, he straightens the knot of his tie and smiles “After a great consideration and consultation I came to the conclusion…”

My memory is all woozy from there on… but yes – it has all come to a conclusion. A happy one 🙂 Thank heavens!!! And thank all of you who made our Bangalore Days YOURS. 30 Bangalore days makes a happy month! 🙂

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  1. Hi Anjali and all here, tell you what, this is the first account I’m following and this is my first post on anyone’s blog! I like writing, but guess I’m a novice at being on these public sites. My first attempt at getting on WordPress ended in a disappointment as I could not get to see any blogs or blog for myself. This is a re-entry, thanks to Anjali’s WordPress account mentioned in Wiki when I was reading about her.

    So, though I’ve heard about Malayalam films from childhood, courtesy Doordarshan’s regional films section which was telecast on Sunday afternoons! Those from that generation might know it. And so, it was mostly award films and a regular one who featured prominently there was Adoor Gopalkrishnan’s films. And like most outsiders the names that were familiar were Mammotty and Mohanlal while we grew up. Then came the Suresh Gopis and the Dilips et all. After that I sort of lost touch with mainstream Malayalam cinema, though I am aware that good films are made in Malayalam, where the stories or scripts are good and that the other Southern states pick it up, first by Tamil, made into something more polished and then Telugu, who add a lot of commercial elements to it and then finally in Kannada. That’s usually the sequence. And of late, I guess Bollywood is taking a lot of the south films for remakes. Which is good!

    Long story short, I rediscovered Malayalam films after I moved to the Gulf owing to work. And as we all know its full of Mallus and it won’t be long before you get drawn in to their culture and films of course! So, started hearing about the new kids on the block (for me at least!) – Nivin Pauly, Tovino Thomas, Fahad Fasil and others, from my colleagues, but not much about the heroines. And then, over this Bakrid weekend, started by watching Cold Case, Joji and Malik like one show every day types. Was really impressed with them, the content, the actors and the technicians. Was trying to find out more about Fahad Fasil and his work, since he’s the toast of the town, currently. Then, came across some scenes of Om Shanthi Oshana, while going through YouTube. And then, ended up watching the movie itself as I was so taken up by that girl, Nazriya. I might be a late bloomer as to knowing these wonderful stars, but well, like they say, ‘better late than never’. Loved the film. And went on to find out more about her and Nivin Pauly and in the course of doing this, I did come across a name, that cropped up often in these Wikis – that of you, Anjali. That prompted me to look up your Wiki and boy, its pretty impressive. Not that I’m a film maker or a technician, but just a movie buff, with a taste for good movies, not the regular masala types. And in a land where women film makers are rare, its always nice to come across someone who’s making some real good films. The ones i knew was someone like Vijayanirmala (actor Krishna’s wife and Mahesh Babu’s step-mom) who had a record or something of the number of films she made. But then, they were mostly potboilers. But the recent ones in the North like Reema Kagti (Talash, Peepli Live) or Tanuja Chandra (liked her Qarb Qarib Single) and others, it warms the heart and they make them really, really well. I guess I’ll now add you to that list that I know, though the world already knows you. I’m excited and will be catching up on all your films, starting with Bangalore Days.

    Just wanted to share with you my journey as to how i landed here. Pardon me if it was a tad too long for comfort. This is a regular feedback that get from my bosses at work, when my emails would be too lengthy. I had to then learn how to crop it and keep it short n sweet. But, i guess i’ll be forgiven for this, considering its my first post. Thanks, if you have reached till here …. hopefully, I’ll be more active, as time progresses …


  2. “Banglore Days” has just started for Arjun & RJ Sarah, why can’t we show thier jeevitham in
    “After Banglore Days”? ( a Sentimental Romance )
    For the present married/divorcing couples.
    Thanks AM for your BD’s to us.

  3. Hai, I’m From Tamil Nadu, I love Malayalam Movies, and they are soft romantic and gentle. On the whole Malayalam movies give a gentle good feeling without much violence (from the films I watched). I have only one thing to say for Malayalam Industry, Really the actors should look after their physique both male and female actors. Malayalam Actors who work in other Industries have transformed very well about their physique. Those who did thing are still in the Industry and those who don’t are disappeared long ago. Nayanthara is the perfect example for this. In every other technique Malayalam is much better than the other Industries In India. I hope someone will listen and think about this. I read lot of Malayalam cinema news (chalachithram ) mollywood news here. Hope you enjoy too. Wishing a great year for Malayalam film Industry.

  4. Hi,
    This is Mahesh, I belongs to a Non Southern Family so cant understand the language. Requesting you to please upload the Hindi dubbed Movie

  5. the Bangalore days movie is super.. after watching this movie. I become Malayalam movie fan.. after this I watched drishiyam, singaravelan and vikramathithiyan and so on.. your guys doing good….
    All the best. Keep the unique style always….

  6. Outstanding movie…heart touching story…hope giving theme…soothing BGM….tons of fun….what can I say….MOVIE OF THE DECADE….REALLY HATS OFF TO THE DIRECTOR…After watching the movie i googled on net for details of every character in the movie…..especially PARVATHY…what a beauty….I hv already fallen in love with her….I wondered, who is the director of the movie…after knowing that again shocked…A LADY DIRECTOR…THATS HOW IT IS ALL POSSIBLE

  7. Hi,
    I am Joe from Salem, Tamilnadu. I was bored of masala tamil movies and luckily my friend suggested this. Today I saw your “Bangalore Days”. I am so happy and want to see one more with my family. After 15 years I think I am seeing a good movie. Hats off. I have already stared seeing USTAD HOTEL now.

    All the very best for more nice wonderful movies in the future. Keep it up !!!

  8. I have just fallen in love with each and every dialogue and frames of Bangalore days!!
    I will never forget this experience for my life time and Bangalore days will remain all time favourites of mine

  9. i hve watched banglore days with my friends its fresh feeling movie i think first time disable persons lyf inculde in the flim, sarah is very lucky to get aju (dq) i lyk tat moment aju helping sarah to sit on a chair wen i see tat moment i think sarah is me,am using that automatic chair in real lyf its hard to get person like aju,,,dont waste time in lyf hws ur situation live lyf lyk tat dont mind if u r a disable person win ur aim tats the lesson i learn

  10. Anjali, what to say more!!. I am not a movie person, and I dont think I watch a movie more than once, except for a selected few. But I have watched BD five times by now. Even today in bits and pieces in my library wee hours, it is so soothingly refreshing Anjali. As I had told you in FB, I loved the other side of the story which you had to say casting the new gen. And how well you frame the dialogues. I never bothered to follow anyone in fb, but since I love to read you equally, I follow what you write too:). Stay blessed Anjali.

  11. I have watched the movie five times …… is good mix of love,comedy….etc…..some characters do have resembles to some people in my life .thank you ….it showed me how to show up with those characters in my life…..romance between…. Sarah & Arjun was. Superb……

  12. hello
    i’m dattu,watched yOUR bangalore days..few days b4,with my MOM around 8 pm,,basically we are telugu audience dunno malayalam even though tried watching for the first 5 mins hardly.that’s it AJU enter to marriage and song starts and then i forgot that i’m a telugu…even my mom started liking from titles itself she is a pure telugu doesn’t know even ENGLISH alphabet..finally movie completed around 11:30 pm with tiny breaks at my HOME…finally me and mom just loved movie and our mind got refreshed after watching such feel good movie,i suggested many people to watch and 3 days later one of my friend called me around in the mid night,and said “what a movies it was!!! Fab…dattu…<3 " and in that 3 days i've watched movie for 8 times will you believe that!!??!!. Later many of my friends asked for TELUGU dubbing print available or not? i regreted to reply them that there is no such in telugu,why bcoz if possible make it DUB or remake.
    still there is lot to express… n.. PARAVATHI i've watched #mariyaan about 30 times and i didnt recognise her in BANGALORE daysss..she stole the show away…thank you for this FAB movie…

  13. I am a Telugu guy and don’t even understand a bit of Malayalam. I heard about Bangalore Days from a friend and watched it. From that moment I didn’t count how many times I watched it. Now my life is not boring because I have Bangalore Days in my laptop. When ever I get bored or I don’t have anything to do I watch Bangalore Days. That is the impart it created. I loved and am still living each and every frame of the movie. Kudos to Anjali and team.

  14. Bangalore days was awesome. Very few movies release in Malayalam that are worth watching.
    Thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful movie.The only sad part is that i cud not watch the movie in theater 😦 .

  15. I loved the movie Manjadi Kuru.. it was truly a marvel.. its so simple and yet a wonder on screen… The ones that really struck a chord with me are Ustad Hotel and Bangalore Days. Born and lived in calicut there is no reason why i wouldn’t fall in love with Ustad Hotel. There are some nights when you walk with your friends talking and you take a sulaimani..that tastes different from the one you would take early morning near beach. The hotel located at the beach was a wonderful idea because as far as i can remember beach is a part of our life in calicut. Born in 1982 i lived through the time when you have the most hip cousin and his parents living in bangalore. I din’t have a single relative in the middle east so the most happening place was Blore. It was a time when internet and satellite TV was coming in and all what you see in it is happening in blore.. so blore was the poor kozhikoden’s LA. I went to blore to write Karnataka Eng entrance exam and fell in love with the place. But i got admission in kerala so Blore was still a dream and when you study you see many of your seniors pass out and move to blore and the first thing that change is the hair style and the dressing so blore is like your first love. I have hit blore on all the opportunities i can before finally taking up a job there. Now i live in Dubai but still blore is no match… The cold wind blowing against you when you drive in the mornings are no match for anything this world can give…. You have really connected the two of my innermost treasured places… thank you..

  16. Hello

    Like most comments above, I too feel Bangalore Days is a great movie..!! Every frame is full of life and so many individual stories has been beautifully narrated..

    But when it is all read together the script lacks a bit of cohesion in certain places in my opinion..

    Here are some thoughts of mine, which I feel would have made this a world class movie experience.

    I am sure the script would have gone through lots of pre scrutiny , nevertheless:

    The starting point of the film is the astrologers prediction and warning about Divyas future. The whole thing strating from the astrologer to the marriage engagement did not look so convincing. Such a brilliant girl with so much of hope and aspirations for the future , I cant imagine will accept it without even a trace of protest.. Even the astrologer could have been more convincing , can be even much simpler but powerful and convincing..

    Kuttans interview scene itself is so brilliant, so full of life, But that did not blend so well with the rest of Kuttan you see through out the film.

    The disappearance of kuttans father and the sudden emergence of (the great character of ) Kalpana in Bangalore.. was a little unexpected and a bit of surprise . the transformation could have been a little more bump less, with some pre build up and indications in these directions..

    The scene I loved most was probably where Arjuns opens heart to RJ Sarah for the first time…

    Samir Tahir photography was beyond words, so was Dulquar Salmans performance and even his character build up ( some time s not revealing makes things so powerful..His parents…their lives..)

    A great chef can Spring up a delicacy out of Nothing.. May be the film shows that for a Great talent like Anjali Menon , the script really does not matter…

  17. Bangalore days has left me with an intense and lively experience beyond words..

    You went after our youth to where there hearts really are….
    And highlighted the goodness in people as still being there but in different ways and flavours compared to the past ……

    Thank you for using the media in such creative ways…..
    Kudos to your family and thank you to your little son who gave his part of sacrifice so you could make such a contribution…

    When you take a break don’t forget to give them a lot of what they missed in return……

    Thank you,

  18. Very simple thought provoking movie. I am sure everybody relates to the simple jokes and simple important moments in life which were “highlighted” in the movie. And dfntly agree with “nobody has to live a silent suffering life” -people around do understand (atleast the new generation does).. thanks …. very nice movie….waiting for your new venture ..may be a book!!!.

  19. Dear Anjali…as I wrote on your fb page, I knew that I would be doing this…hunting out your page (and now Blog) to write about how much i like the movie 😀 A myriad characters pulled out straight from life. A movie that pays tribute to friendship and unconditional, uncommon love! And what is more, brilliant dialogues and direction! Hats off, for Bangalore Days was simply awesome!!! It will find place in my list of favorite movies that have moved me immensely.

    Ever since Ustaad Hotel and Manjaadikuru (coz i had watched them in that order), and after ‘like’ing your page on facebook and finding all your posts inspiring, i am much in awe of your character. i know there is that strong woman in there, bold and yet, gracefully feminine.

    Here’s wishing you all the best in your future endeavours, whatever they may be. Continue to be the wonderful woman that you are and keep inspiring us all 🙂

  20. All the way from Houston, Texas and finally got to watch the movie on big screen yesterday. After hearing so much about the movie from friends and relatives was slightly worried whether it will match the expectations. But it went above all expectations! Wow what a movie Anjali Menon! Script casting everything about the movie is just AWE.. When the movie was over I was surprised when I heard the little girl sitting beside me clap her hands. Felt so happy that it has touched her little heart too! Thank you so much for this brilliant creation 🙂 And you are such an inspiration because even I have a two year old and understand how difficult it must have been for you..

  21. All the way from Melbourne, Australia and finally got to see the movie at Carlton Cinemas on Sat. Can and should say that Malayalam Cinema is safe in the hands of new generation film-makers. Every second of the movie was entertaining and hats off to you for balancing out the presence of all the characters in the movie. The movie also proves that new generation cinemas doesn’t have to be filled with filthy language or adopted culture. The purity and innocence of Malayalees are still not lost to the world. Thank you for proving it time and time again!

    Congrats Anjali Menon and All The Best for all your future endeavors.

  22. Finally got around to see the movie..We need more such movies – for their simple, yet profound portrayal of life and relationships on a light note. Kids loved it as well Cousins rock!!

  23. I am just back from movie…gave a great feel…sure its not gng to stay long..but i promise tat i ll enjoy ,till it ends…missing loved ones is a burden..
    Thanks for such a movie


  24. Bangalore Days – An epic masterpiece in the history of Indian cinema I would say because I saw my friends who were from the north Indian community going for the movie with their friends again and again . All credits to the most important person Anjali Menon who was the captain to the entire crew . After a very long time , I felt that a movie had incorporated all those subtle forgotten funny moments in our life like the lift scene where kuttan tells his mom that I will call u back in Malayalam and the gal in the lift asking him whether he is a mallu ? Natural moments shown in class and style . I don’t have enough words to praise this wonderful film maker , but I m sure she is going to grace Malayalam cinema with greater movies than this . Its just the beginning ……

    Jishnu Krishnakumar

  25. priyappetta anjali madam
    njan bangalore days kandittilla. enthayalum ath nalla cinema ayirikkumenn enikk urappanu.
    karanam usthad hotel njan kandirunnu.
    ath enikk valare adhikam ishtapettu. nalla kadhayan usthad hotel. aa kadhayekkalum mikacha oru thirakkadha ezhuthi prekshakarkk oohikkan polumavatha reethiyil kadha gathi menanj kond aa cinimaye nalla oru cinema aakkiya ningalkk orayiram abhinandangal.
    athodoppam anwar rasheed sir um abhinandangam arhikkunnu. adheham valareyadhikam kazhivulla oru samvidhayakananu.
    ningal ith vayikkumenn pratheekshikkunnu.
    oru reply ayachu tharamo

  26. Hi,

    I live in Canada and unfortunately, I haven’t got a chance yet to see the movie….I heard everyone praising the movie, even my family who is there in Kerala. SO I’m sure that, it’s a great piece of work and I congratulate you, for the hard work that you have put in for the movie

  27. Words cannot express the beauty of such a soul movie – #Bangaloredays . watching this movie made life more beautiful. Thank you! *Hugs* 🙂

  28. Dear madam after watching the film I felt you are too nostalgic on your childhood days, especially your village, your friends, and close relatives Thank you it is really a nice film

  29. Kudos to you Ms.Anjali for making a movie that had so much I could relate to! Thank you ☺️

  30. Thank kismet has introduced me to…Anjali madam…
    Met her with Bangalore days..
    Wiki lead me to ustad hotel,manjadikuru and that happy journey continuing thru this blissful blog..
    I can’t follow Malayalam…but
    Always the beauty of Kerala always excites me..
    Many times the meaningful Malayalam cinema mesmerized me…
    And now…..Bangalore just swept me off my feet….
    Thank u god for that wonderful feeling.. which no words can substantiate ..
    character depiction and unveiling the emotional side of those ..oh god..she is something special… i am extremely thrilled and motivated by the originality of the script, especially the balancing act of all the characters is really a challenge thrown at every script writer.
    every artist , technician nurtured and pampered..all the intricacies of the script so well and they made us live thru the visually wonderful and emotionally squeezing Banglore days.
    For u..this will be one of your best works…but for every screen writer..this will be a rule book!
    Proud to declare myself an ekalavya shisya of Anjali mam..i promise myself that something worth mentioning..must come from me…as a tribute to Anjali mam for all the motivation and inspiration..she injected thru her works.
    God bless u with many more contributions to the world of cinema..without missing those touching human emotions..
    My heartfelt namaskaarm’s to u mam…even though i am elder to u..
    GURU is an exception.

  31. Watched the movie three times… Still i was ready to watch more… But i didn’t find anyone who hasn’t watched the movie… I am from Delhi and Bangalore days is still running here… Its still goes housefull on some days…

    That movie was something magical… completely realistic… I too wanna write a story of such sorts… Simple, realistic but magical… The character depth you have given to movie is remarkable…

    Aju is my favourite… the rebellious attitude sort of reminded me of my kind of people… I can relate each character to someone in my life… If someone asks me the story of the movie, or how was the movie, i couldn’t even find the correct words to express the greatness of the movie…

    You have created your own milestone which is high up where no one could reach other than you…

  32. Oh madam,what a movie! It was very difficult to get tickets in trivandrum,at last saw the movie in front row itself.I was waiting for since its making,excellent performance,superb narrrative style.I’m damn sure dat it will be a huge success,usthad hotel team won’t dissapoint the audience. Words are beyond.congrats for the entire team for this wonderful success,excepting more films

  33. Hi Anjali hope you will read this

    I have watched Ustad hotel .it was an okay movie. Then I came across the trailer of Bangalore days on YouTube,the moment I saw it I was like this should better be a good movie because most of the time I have gone by the trailer and it has disappointed me in the past. Bangalore days took me totally by surprise all the characters in the movie were superb, well defined and equally powerful performance. I enjoyed each and every moment in the movie a true gem. Thank you for such an endearing movie Anjali Menon.Now the expectations are high from you.I will be looking forward to your next movie. And one more thing I watched this movie the second time as well that too in Mumbai.

    Pinne Edo oru cinemail oral paranja pole mannum pennum vellaum nammude natil thanne aan nallad
    regards Subhash

  34. Hi Anjali

    Bangalore days is d only one film wch i have watched 2ce goin to a theatre in my 23 years of life time…. Perfect mixture of Love,Hope,Ambition,Fship,Lost and More…Nothing more nothin less……
    Congrats to the crew !!!

  35. Anjali, Kuddos to you for making meaningful movies!!The message rendered to youth in all your movies are very much appreciable!!! A huge shift from the usual time pass movies!!Keep promoting good morals through fun media… All the very best!!! Congrats again!!!

  36. Lovely movie..The effect of the movie is such that each and every character of the movie touches some part of everyone’s life somewhere. Truly a treat to watch..Expecting more such movies from you 🙂

  37. Hello ,
    I am among the very many who really enjoyed the film . But one aspect of the movie that I didn’t find impressive was that the three lead actors in the movie are from palakkad , but none seemed to have the palakkad accent . It didn’t even creep in here n there . I have lived most of my life in kochi , but some of those typical palakkad words still come out of me especially when I’m with my relatives , thanks to my mothers side of the family hailing from kollengode. Only kalpana seems to have tried to speak with a palakkadan accent .

  38. The movie was so awzme… i watched it 3 times….good job… congratz for the whole crew…. well done…..

  39. Saw it is New Jersey Edison Big Cinemas. Awesome awesome awesome. I had watched the trailers and songs and interviews many time before. My 10 year old daughter was also hooked onto it. She had requested me to take her to the movie once it got released. We made sure it was a surprise for her.


  40. Hey congrtz Anjali

    I am nt a type of person to read and write some thing in all these blog. But today after reading and watching movie i really feel to appreciate you… banglore days is really a good work.. after seing that movie. I feel some what … i dont know how to express. .. it touches some where in my life…. missed that friendship…. love affection … like wise somany things….really good movie…. still remembering all scenes.. good impact on my life.. love you Anjali… keep going


  41. Bangalore Days is a wonderful treat for eyes as well as mind!!! So much refreshing and so much fun.Thank you Anjali for making this. 🙂

  42. Hi Anjali,

    I am from USA. I just watched Bangalore Days with my friends few days ago. It was really an amazing movie. The film began with a great introduction from Nivin Pauly. He provided with a great dialogue delivery which made me burst out with laughter. Ever since I heard you were directing your next movie, I was eagerly awaiting for it with lots of expectations after my experience watching Ustad Hotel. Every character in the film was unique and interesting, and each one shined in their own way. Every scene Nazriya shared with Dulquer and Nivin reminded me of the memorable days I spent with my cousins in India. Sarah was truly a special character who surely inspired the audience. This movie demonstrated it’s alright to hold on to your childhood even as you grow up. I hope you will bring more movies that’ll touch the audience’s heart.

  43. Madam,,,,,thnx a lot fr such an osum mvie…after vacation d usual talk among mallus ll be”ethoke mal mvie kandu?” bt tiz tym it ws ” banglore dyz kadayirunallo ale”hatzoff!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Anjali -a brilliant writter and director……and a full entertainer package………enjoyed very much……and the bike racing added a lot of energy for the happy ending 🙂

  45. I was too at padma for the first show. I didnt know that the main crew was there.. When I saw em…. 😀 kidungi poyi… I didnt see you but wanted to… Love the film alot.. And saw it 2nd time with brother and friends…. Thank you for the superb and an inspiring te… 😀

  46. Amazing movie 🙂 Enjoyed every bit of it 🙂
    Watching twice and still feel like going for the movie again 🙂
    Kudoos Maam 🙂 Keep going 🙂

  47. It’s really a treat to watch bangalore days 🙂
    Each and every aspect of d movie is well thought out,superbly directed and acted. Music was pleasing to the ears and overall the movie melts our heart. Hats off to u maam 🙂

  48. Dear Ma’m, I and my husband saw Bangalore Days on the very first show in Mayajaal Chennai. Honestly, this is the movie which made me laugh and enjoy from beginning to end after so many years…(may be after the movie Friends to an extend)
    I could relate to almost all scenes of this beautiful movie. Being in IT field for years, I just couldn’t control my laugh with a drop in my eyes, when Kuttan was looking smiling at a nostalgic typical Kerala image in his desktop at office..Every bit of this movie was well knitted. Without telling any more, let me say – amazing. Hats off!

  49. awesome movie chechi….. You truly touched many hearts… the movie was such an amazing experience….!!! thanks a million!!!!! u r really blessed… keep writing chechi…. luv yewwwww!!!! hugs!! ❤

  50. I understand BD is a hit among youngsters. I am 58 and watched the movie with two friends my age and must say, all three of us enjoyed the movie immensely!
    Samir-Tahir’s cinematography is unobtrusive enough to border on sheer brilliance. The care taken to light up each scene is evident. All the more creditable when this is one aspect where most Malayalam movies fail. An example is the otherwise competently made Drishyam.
    A very sensitive performance from Dulquar. Nazria has done well and Fahad underplays his role to great effect. I found Nivin Pauly’s character bit of a caricature, too “goody goody”, if you know what I mean.
    I know the wedding song is a big hit, but the scene itself is bit of a compromise (perhaps for commercial reasons) in a movie like this. Gopi-Sunder’s background score was a big let down, especially his penchant for using an undecipherable song at key moments towards the close. Please look into this aspect in your next project.(Suggestion: one can always revisit the Master’s Apu Trilogy for background score lessons! )
    Very well-written script. I especially liked Kalpana’s character which is well flushed out and played with elan by that talented actress.
    Being an equally good commercial success and released at the same time, comparisons with “What is your name?” are inevitable. My take: Both are good movies. Yours is better cinema.
    Keep up the good work!

  51. What do I say about this movie ?? I too was actually planning a blog on this one but I too have two young boys, who won’t let me budge. I just haven’t finished exploring the depths of your movie,though have watched it twice already.” Sholay ke baad banti hogi..par ye zaroori nahi ki Usthad Hotel ke baad ek Bangalore days nahi ban sakti..! You have created a niche for yourself in the legacy of malayalam movies. Am so happy when my two Bangalore-bred boys prefer Bangalore Days to the Transformers instalment…I believe they have paid you a greater compliment…They still wanna go watch it…yet again !! shall write to you when I am done….

  52. Bangalore Days made our day. A brilliant movie worth watching. Cousins coming to visit Mumbai from Muscat and dying to catch this film here. Hope its still running.

  53. Hi Anjali,
    Was lucky to watch Banglore Days during my short holidays in Kerala, that’s too with a row full of my COUSINS!!! Believe me we couldn’t part one another and go homes that easy after the movie. We (not 3, but many more) saw oursleves in b’lore days. Thanks a lot AM n crew. Now, waiting badly for b’lore days to be released in Dubai – to book another half row in movies for/with the next batch of cousins!!!!

  54. Went with my mom .every moment was soooo special… wanted to c it with my brother & sis but couldn’t as they r in Doha & Newzealand but will gift them a DVD ….Lv u Anjali for giving us so special movie .Now thts wht u call a new generation movie….All the best hope to c many more creation & combination & exploration…tk cr

  55. Anjali….Manjadikuru was earthy, homely and an “arty” work and I absolutely loved it. When I first saw the poster of Bangalore days, I thought it might be just another “new gen” films that desperately try to be cool. But then, it was you who was making it, so I decided to risk the money 😉 . And ho! I absolutely loved it. The chemistry between the actors clicked like never before. The subtle humour got the crowd bursting into laughter. The music was appropriately composed. I will watch Bangalore days again…a couple of times over. Brilliant work Anjali. Your movies have a class and character that’s heartwarming. May you keep churning out such awesome stuff all the time. God Bless 🙂

  56. This was the first Malayalam movie I have seen my mother tongue being Tamil I watched it with subtitles and I was blown away. I was so absorbed into the film’s story that I was startled when the lights came on for interval. Each second was awesome and the whole movie was so perfect that I watched it a second time in the same week.

  57. dear am
    let me start by saying that im nt a malyali but when there was a buzz that a movie called blore days is being made with such a huge cast i felt excited.But the problem was i dnt understand malyalam as good to follow a movie . Fortunately you promised to release movie with subtitle which made me to enjoy movie in a better mannes. Thanks a lot for that . And truly believe that this movie is a sandwish of three good indian films and it is very much appreciable that MR PRAVEEN PRABAKARAN has done his job pretty well but the only part that i didnt felt logical was when isha talwar meets nivin in blore and u put a song abut there luv making that was too much kind of illogical in terms of ishas character.
    One a whole i felt very proud to see director like you in india to make us proud in world standards and last try to keep as much as female as posible becus we need more womens like u in indian cinema.

  58. Worth watching 100 times… Would love to watch again and again… Really awesome, Gets a nostalgic feel, for many reasons…

  59. Providing happiness to someone requires a lot of skill and you have those in truck loads……… thank you Ma`m for three wonderful full-length feature films and one marvelous short film 🙂

  60. Hi ma’am,
    I am writing all the way from US. We drove 70 miles to see the movie. The theater was so full and much more people were waiting outside.the theater people had open up anothe auditorium. Your movie is all about the nostalgia . Those days waiting for cousins to come from all parts of the world gossip about our parents and siblings, climbing all trees and fences. After the the movie I felt, I lost that relationship with cousins. Thanks for a brilliant but simple movie. My favorite in the movie was fahad he was so good and acting in so much control. Expecting more special to heart movies from you.

  61. Thank you for such a beautiful film.
    Each and every character was done with perfection.Looking forward to more of your films 🙂

    Prayers , hugs and kisses

  62. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
    🙂 Thank heavens!!! And thank you
    who made It! 🙂
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  63. Loved the movie to bits. Had to watch it twice for I couldn’t contain my excitement. Congratulations to the whole team! Good luck for your future ventures! 🙂

  64. Great movie it is chechi… Never in heaven thought each character in the movie might ve there own space and depth in it… It’s a wonderful creation and has totally lived up to the standards of your other movies… Looking forward to your next ventures…

  65. A beautiful movie made by a wonderful team led by a beautiful lady…. one of the best movies of Indian cinema… indeed a beautiful piece of art

  66. Never have I seen a Malayalam film almost house full for continuously for 2 weeks in new jersey ..(I did not watch drishyam twice)…
    I watched twice and am ready for a 3rd!!
    That was one amazing and smooth paalpayasam !!!!!!!

  67. Manjadikkuru, Ustad Hotel and Bangalore Days, You are leaving behind your foot print on malayalam cinema. Probably the first by a lady. More power to you 🙂

  68. The movie is perfect and complete in all aspects . Every character got their own stories. Like manjadikuru and usthad hotel now Bangalore days is also among my special movies thanku mam😊

  69. The day we (sorry, we, your fans) watched Happy Journey, we knew that this director is here to stay in the industry to create many more sensible movies.

    Every creation from you is a piece of art which touches our heart.

    We just love you, Anjali!

  70. Dear AM,

    That was sheer brilliance on screen, loved the way it was told and how beautifully those intense moments were dealt with [tears were rolling down my cheeks when Arjun had to leave when he didn’t want to – may be cos I’d been through that]. Wanted to hug you when I saw your name at the end.


  71. I went to watch the movie last week (in the UK) with my friends… one word… “AMAZING”… loved every single second of the movie… i have been in a good mood since seeing the movie..many of the storylines were very close to my heart.. i.e. ex-army dad, army quarters, living with a disability and close relationship with cousins and being separated from them due to migration…. it is a must see movie.. well done Anjali Madam..

  72. Its was a amazing movie…Great narration and all short in “namma bangaluru”…Thank you for such a beautiful film… Keep creating such great movies…Our wishes and prayers are there with you all the time….:-)

  73. ma’m, hope u got the best for ur sweat 🙂
    such a wonderful film…
    A combo treat indeed…

  74. Same here… June 2014… a month full of BANGALORE DAYS !! June first week ….went alone…..June mid week …took my Wifee…… June last week ….with my Bangalore old gang !! cant club them together…. like the movie some old stories may come out 🙂

    Thanks for this wonderful movie. Cherished Good Old Days !!

  75. 🙂 ഇനിയും ഒരായിരം നല്ല ചിത്രങ്ങള്‍, നല്ല കഥകള്‍ ആ തൂലികയില്‍ നിന്നും ഉണ്ടാകട്ടെ.

    1. Bangalore days kandu.valare nannayittundu. Iniyum itharathilulla panda gal prathikshikkunnu.congrats anjali. .


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