Kerala Cafe – the film

Kerala Cafe
An ode to Kerala and her people.
Through 10 filmmakers,10 journeys, one cinema. Kerala Café

the quintessential railway cafeteria in every town and city. Over cups of coffee and timetables…

travelers cross paths, exchange glances, share stories and much more.

From here, emerge stories full of humour, surprise, sensitivity, wonder, curiosity and revelations.

Tales that illuminate the different faces of Kerala

In the non resident mind, the urban, the rural, the hills, the seaside, the bordertown…

Journeys through Kerala, like never before.

Kerala Cafe - Happy Journey
Kerala Cafe - Happy Journey


The film is in its very final stages and its been a fun ride on this one. My segment is called ‘Happy Journey’. An atypical bus trip from Kochi to Kozhikode on a weekend. Jagathy SreeKumar & Nithya Menen lead the film. Its my first Malayalam script written without a translator. My Malayalam spellings are atrocious, so this was possible with a software called Varamozhi. Bless the chaps who designed it and of course our Little Films team who introduced me to it (only so that they could escape the Malayalam drafts written with English letters…!).


Lots has happened on Kerala Cafe since my last post. The film is now complete and  the World Premiere took place at the Middle Eastern International Film festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE on October 9th 2009. Unlike most films , this was one where even the directors were seeing it for the first time in its full form along with the audience. Speaking for myself – I had my heart in my mouth when the lights dimmed but with the frequent bursts of applause, we were all smiling soon!

After the screening, the night went by very quickly with the comments of an attentive audience and a flurry of phonecalls to share the premiere feedback.  Finally when I switched off for the day, I  thought back to the beginning of this journey in March 2009.

Its been a special time and I don’t know if anyone is documenting the experience… so I’ll post some notes on the journey of Kerala Cafe that may reveal more about how the pieces fell in place…

MARCH 2009

I have no clue how long this idea was in germination in Ranjith’s mind… but I got a call one morning in Mumbai.”We, Capitol Theatre are starting a new project… something on the lines of Paris Je’taime… a compilation of 10 short films… all based on the theme of YATRA. ”

My response -”Great… wonderful idea…”

R continues… ”The journeys can be physical, emotional, psychological – whatever you please. So are you ready to do it?”

This is when I stopped pottering around and took a moment. ”As in? You want me to make one of the films?”


You see, I had till then always had to convince everyone else that I could make these beautiful films and that they should believe in me. Suddenly here someone had enough trust in my work to hand me this opportunity. That is what meant the most to me. So the obvious next step was to say ”Yes, thank you… I’d love to be part of it!”

Then, curious me asks about who were making the rest of the 9 films… and out tumbles the list of filmmakers. That’s when I realise the scale of the project!

APRIL 2009

Kochi. First round meeting of Kerala Cafe. Assuming that we would be given a set of guidelines and framework, I walked in expected to listen more than speak. After the pleasantries, we sit down in a circle and suddenly ” Anjali will tell us her story…”  Totally unprepared, I wiggle out saying that “I’d rather be the last one”. One by one the directors start to narrate their respective stories. Insightful thoughts emerge as the stories are told. For a moment I sat back and realized that this was a group of friends sharing stories than some hotshot directors constructing a project…

The personal reigns over the professional here.

In a few minutes signing amounts are handed out – but no contracts, no lawyers, no watching one’s back. With the smiles, hugs and respect shown it was more like a family “kaineetam” ceremony at Vishu!  All of this was new to me and I was touched by the warmth and the trust on that day. This was going to be something special.

More later…

83 thoughts on “Kerala Cafe – the film

  1. Hilarious Anjali..!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.. ‘Happy Journey’ – the best title this film could have! The word ‘Bomb’ and how people interpret it in different ways, like the uncle’s reaction on seeing Nithya was funny – something that we often see with men! Then came the serious part, were the uncle’s little bad man was getting flirty doing unnecessary mathematical calculations, mobile comparisions! Nothing worked the way he wanted. It only ended up unveiling the real BOMB..!! Wt an expression on the uncle’s face..!! lol..!! Excellent performance by Nithya and the uncle. Liked the end were she was still acting serious, and finally laughed it out when she got out of the bus, with her luggage. [Funny]. Great lesson learnt. Well said..You made a funny/interesting story out of the little time given to you! This could be used as an intro to a young college going heroine in a movie. ‘Happy Journey’ once again wanted me to become a ‘Film-maker’!! I’ve seen a few movies of Nithya (mainly in Tamil), but I liked her the best in this..! Way to go Anjali..! Would like to see your reply.. keep in touch..

  2. I m wamt to make a shortfilm..,
    it’s name is ‘nirangale vida’..,
    can you please give me some instructions to do that good..,
    i hope your reply to my mail..,
    i really like your attempt in keralacafe..,


    sajith c b(

  3. Kerala is not a livable place any more. It is not God’s own country as publicised. It is a heaven for Goons, Sex Rackets, Terrorists, Religious maniacs and all kind of maniacs!!!!

  4. Hai ambhition is to become a film maker.please mam help me.please mail me the contact address of the Dir.RENJITH or the address of his production house CAPITOL THEATRES.Please mam please….

  5. The 48 Hour Film Project is back in Mumbai in Nov. 2010! Teams are invited from all over India. It’s the most exciting and thrilling competition in which you have only 48 hours to make a film from scratch- script, shoot, edit, score, add titles, etc. On Fri. Nov. 12, we give the registered teams a prop, dialogue and a character which MUST be included in the film completed and delivered on Sun. Nov. 14! So are you up to the challenge?
    Register now… log on to or call me for details on 91 98200 10052!- Preeti, Mumbai Producer, 48HFP 2010

  6. hai anjali,
    i know, i am a bit late in congratulating u for the ‘happy journey’ from kerala kafe..even though, i have seen that movie,during the released time itself,i cudnt tell u directly how much ,i loved that movie.i went for that movie,since i am an ardent fan of Renjith.even though,i knew that this venture is not going to be attractive for many audience, i wanted to see the new change in malayalam movie industry…after seeing the mivie,i have called up Renjith and directly told him,my opinions…i loved all the stories in it and specially ‘happy journey’ and revathi’s ‘makal’.it has touched me,since i looked into it from a personal point of view too[i have two daughters]…all girls shud be as smart as the girl in ur film….even before this movie, i have read an interview of yours ,after the ‘manjadikuru”..since then, i wanted to see a movie of urs..after seeing the ‘happy journey’, i really wish to see ‘manjadikuru’.can u please help me with more information about it….looking forward to see more good works from you…All the ver Best Wishes…

    lakshmi jayachandran,

  7. heyy hats off 2 ya… saw kerala cafe 2dy.. n loved ur mvie… perfect casting… jagathi sir n nithya wer too gud..
    wot r ur new projects????

  8. helo Anjali,
    Saw the movie. and i liked it very much. temme onething, how did yu choose these two guys (jagathi&nithya) for the movie. They were rocking!! especially Jag’s.

  9. hi anjali….
    ur film in kF was the 3rd in my list (after bridge & puramkazhachakal). you made a different film with 2 charachters.

    ok wht made u think tht the girl hav to protect her by saying she is terrrorist…. if u were trying to send any mesages to the viweres y dont u tried somthing more relevant (easy) idea that the girls can use….i dont think anybody is going to use the tech like nitya done in ur film….
    ok if u meant to say only a story on 10 minutes then u have done best job.

  10. hello madam…………..
    waiting 4 ur next movie………
    heard a news that u r doing a film with B.Unnikrishnan

    1. hi mohan is it the portrayal of the character that you are referring to..jagathy has played the lech character to oerfection in a no: of films that i felt it would be another stereotype character…but he surprised me with his voice modulation and control when he speaks with a heavy and sinking heart to his wife ” njaan pinne vilikaam”..he has come face to face with death..he realises that he might not see his family again….then the real vulnerable side reveals…wonderful…no i dont think the character is exaggerated..

  11. happy journey is how a shortfilm should be…not preachy..just a fine thriller….with enough suspense and humor…and the subject very very relevant..entertaining..nithya menon was quite a she our answer to meryl streep…time will like this ..where every element is perfect comes not often during ones career..i only hope that you keep up the standards you have shown that you are capable of.

  12. Hi mam,
    Enjoyed watchin “Happy Journey”. Great Effort. Cheers.
    Happy Journey n Bridge wer the most well executed films of all. Getting the audience into the mood in such a short time is really appreciable.

  13. I saw your movie Happy journey and I was very impressive.I liked your work very much and I think all the women are facing these type of persons while they are going alone.You are also try to ask questions to the terrorist who are placing bombs.So I like your film very much and I expecting much more good woks from you.
    Thank You

  14. I loved the story line, not something you would expect from a malayalam movie. The dominance of the female character in the movie sure brought a lot of new ideas and expectations for the audience. I am not discriminating here but growing up in a different culture and country sure made me think about the balance of our worlds. Can you briefly talk about some things you encountered during the making of your two films? Let it be flaws or qualities but something that worked against or beyond your expectations?

  15. to be frank I have been transported to a different world of malayalam movie ,, its such a awesome movie…
    to tell about ur movie to my mind that is the realistic one among all the 10.. i love to watch same from you again

  16. dear madam,

    im a youth, i started watching english movies like 5 yrs ago. im not talking about the ones released over here but the good ones i download n watch. Then i started to think y i waste 3 hours on a worthless indian movie wen theres loadsa awesome creations then, i hated to watch mallu movies and of course other indian movies too til i saw movies like kerala cafe innovating from good teams. We shouldn’t expect everyone to deliver nice movies but there should be someone always for orienting the society with good values through media.

    The way you presented a current affair in a very simple canvass is just wow!! and the theme is a slap on the faces removing the masks of the “elegant mallus” and the “sacred culture”. I just loved it.

    In the light of your performance in this movie I dont think you would become one of those award winning directors hu do a nice works in the beginning n then deviate to worthlessness. Hats off.. 🙂

  17. Hmmmmm… I would say altogether a new experience to the Malayalam audience and this integrated way of film making I suppose is in fact fresh concept to the Malayalam movie industry. But I feel its more like a adapted concept because already in the Bollywood there was this movie ‘Dus Kahaniyaan’ released some years ago which was quite a flop. And in the Hollywood there’s this movie called ‘Crash’ that won the Oscar for the Best Picture in 2006, that tells about several stories connecting each other in someway or the other and that too by a single director.

    As for ‘Kerala Cafe’ I really enjoyed the movie. As for the parts that I liked or touched me was – ‘Bridge’ directed by Anwar Rasheed, ‘Makal’ directed by Revathy & ‘Off Season’ directed by Shamaprasad as this was the only story that I felt healthy watching than the others that were filled with tragedy, sadness n confusion.

    For your part of the contribution the story was quite gripping but not quite gripping enough. It would have been better if the Nithiya’s character were fine tuned with better dialogues and acting that would give a chill feel to the story. It didn’t get the actual feel when you sit next to stranger who would probably be a terrorist or a suicude bomber. In fact the part of the story up to the point she acts like a frightented girl was fine but after that it didnt go well.

    As for the actors and actresses everyone did their part well. Some of the best acting were of Salim Kumar and Kalpana in Bridge – wonderful acting by both, Jyothirmayee in Lalitham Hiranmayam – nice expressions, Siddique in Aviramam, Jagathi in Happy Journey, Suraj in Off season and the lady who played the role of a poor tamil mother in Makal – brilliant acting, really touched.

    Overall 7 out of 10.

  18. Dear Mam,

    My name is vivek. I work with Mtv India in mumbai, as a promo producer i assist on ads as well. i saw your movie in Kerala Kafe. Impressive….! i dont know about your coming up projects and i havnt heard of any. well… i would like to share a project of mine with you. its a story that i penned down. i was on the look out for a director. thats when i stumbled upon your movie. it would be great if i could get in touch with you. would be a great opprutunity to narrate the story to you. im leaving my email id and my mumbai number.oh and sorry….yes i am a malayali!
    awaiting a response.

    Thank you,

    Vivek Thomas

  19. Hai…Anjali…mam nice ur films…i am feel about “Happy Jouney”.
    i am actually study PG Media Programe,i love film research some works…so i am meet for u…some new works…now i am working abt new script..i am ask for u…pls mam i am talking about new romance story and suspense..pls mail it my mail is “”..”God bless u”….tc by sam johny

  20. My mom likes u a lot.U r an amazing artist.u are very inspiring.Saw u in Vanita ,u luk very nice.all the best.

  21. Unfortunately good movies like Kerala Cafe are not a commercial success. It is sad that these good movies are accepted only in the cities and did not run successfully outside the city . Combined with piracy, not too sure how to strike the formulae of good movie and commercial success , which will bring forward the producers to produce good movies.

  22. Hi sis,
    I liked Happy Journey, Puram Kazhchakal and Bridge. Jagathy’s dialogue at bus stand was really humorous, keep it up 🙂 . It is a good message for those who forget family when away.

    cheers 🙂 maheysh

  23. hi anjali mam
    am grt fan of ur movie happy journey,and also yurssss.
    both the characters hd dne the best n my favourite film frm kerala cafe is also ursssss.
    al d best fr ur future
    god bless u
    keep smiling
    with prayers

    Vijay Madhav

  24. i watched kerala cafe in released favourite in that movie are season and bridge……..u r movie happy jounrey not as upto mark in my vision……i don’t know wats in that to make it a movie…season is a movie that shows the change in india……

  25. watched kerala cafe favs were bridge n happy journey.hearty congratulations for making such a wonderful movie.expecting more such good films from you. i hope atleast by seeing such a gud creation from a lady like you our malayalam film industry will stop showing the indifference to female directors.bcz majority think female directors like you are for making short films.i hope to get a complete movie from you very soon.i can assure you jagathy n nithya were best casting that you could have done n moreover i think this will be one of the finest role jagathy would have done recently even though its a short film.the whole scenes still remains in mind. eventhough towards the end some could predict out what is gonna happen but still you had portrayed a common issue through a joyful manner. nithya the heroine got good talent and she had also done justice to her role.all the best for your future ventures n let your journey in this field be just like ur film title “happy journey”.all th best

  26. So unconventional, different, theme based devoid of stereotypical heroism..!!!!for the better too..!!!!
    Happy journey stands out among the themes in the story where a prevalent “social evil” is brought out into the open with great force…!!
    We (malayali audience) are being moulded to accept some innovative film making and themes……keep more coming..!!! Congrats. All the best.

  27. Hi Anjali,
    Enjoyed watchin “Happy Journey”. Great Effort. Cheers.
    Happy Journey n Bridge wer the most well executed films of all. Getting the audience into the mood in such a short time is really appreciable.
    Is ter any provision to watch Manjaadikuru. Many of us are eagerly waiting to see the film.

  28. To folks who think Bridge scored over Happy Journey, remember this. Happy Journey was scripted and directed by the same person. The director also wrangled out one of the best performances in the film- (Jagathi’s). It had a simple premise, relied on just two characters, very little melodrama, no namby pamby sentiments and shot with very little aids( no cranes, very little or no dollies.). Straight simple static shots with a few pans/tilts at best). Hence very little “eye candy”.Tight script and 3 locations( bus stand, inside the bus and just outside the bus:-))).

    Bridge, an excellent film on the other hand,no doubt. But it relied a lot on props- in the form of sentiments, melodrama, two stories,several characters,music, excellent cinematography, rain machine, crane shots, wide shots, long shots,multiple locations you name it, it has it.
    Again, make no mistake, Bridge is rock solid good. But Happy Journey steals the thunder among all 10 and is at number ONE among allTEN “KC” films.Coz it proved to a director’s film while relying less on all above factors associated with ‘bridge’.

    So, Anjali, is renjithettan & team thinking of a part two- say- 2-3 years down the line?

  29. watched kerala cafe the other day….Anjali, you’ve done a marvellous job…truly woman-centric theme ….i also liked bridge and magal………

  30. hai….i was happy to c ur contribution to kerala cafe “happy journey”.first of all let me appreciate ur will to cast jagathy and nithya.both of them did their best to their respective was the most pleasant journey of the filim which had a happy ending.iam looking forward to ur movie”manjaadikuru” which i heard won nearly 5 awards in a filim festival..wen is the movie going to b out in public ?……

  31. i dont know whether you come across with one of a kind situation. I am sure that it is a great punch for those male genders who see women with such dark eyes. And i liked that segment a lot. I appreciate your talent in creating a paradox in mentality of jagatys character before and after she said those things( reg. his wife) the facial changes in jagatys face when he saw that child itself makes lot of sense….great one…all the best…make good films…all my blessings…god bless you…

  32. After a very long time I felt i watched a ‘movie’. Only malayalam film industry can produce movies like this.
    Your story was really good. Hope it will be really helpful for women in kerala while travelling alone just to escape. 🙂

  33. I saw ur movie and feels like a change that we need to save the malayalam movie industry…. hope to get more nice works from you…tc… god bless you

  34. Dear Anjali Menon,
    First of all thanks for making two good moovies in malayalam.I saw manchadikuru in Trivandrm film festival last year,It was a fantastic work,now you made another wonder in Kerala Cafe with Happy Journey,I know you are not much familier about malayalam language ,you wrote manchadikuru in English I think,but this is in good malayalam simple words,it is nice to watch..I am also intrested in film making,I made some telefilms and some advertising flms,as a director I dont have much experience,If you allow me to work with you as an assistant in your next project without any monitery benifit,it will be a big blessing to me.Otherwise pls ignore this request,no problem.Any way pls continue simple and fresh feeling film journey,wish you a happy journey im film industry.
    Santhosh Khan.S

    1. Dear Santhosh Khan,
      Your dream of become a director materialize soon or later.
      With all blessings as a well wisher, Hassan 9539301970

  35. Saw Kerala Cafe. Liked the fact that Happy Journey has a director in it. That too a promising one. But while watching Happy Journey, somehow I could guess the end. Would’ve been happier if you could have left us (my friends also felt the same) in awe like Jagathy was left out.

  36. happy journey excellent madam!!!
    really a director’s movie!!! jagathy’s performance is great!!!
    and nithya tooo!!!
    i joined your community watching only this single movie…
    jagathiyudae charcterisation first scene thottu prakadamanu…pathrasrishtiyil mikachu nilkunnu jagathiyudae kadhapathram,oru kochu kuttiyae jagathy nokumbool aa mukahathae expression.ho!!!!!! great madam!!!
    madam we expecting a full length movie from you in malayalam,ennanu athinu bagyam undavuka madam!!! anyway congrats once again!!!

  37. A big THANK YOU!!
    Prior to the release when someone asked about Kerala Cafe’s potential with the audience, I had said that we may learn if the audience is actually ready for the change that they are always asking for. From such warm and positive responses I am deeply encouraged 🙂 Thank you for watching the film and reaching out to the makers with your feedback. The Audience matters the MOST!

  38. realy a great and relaxing and also rethinkingfull message… thank u mam 4 happy journey n whole film.. i look forward 4 ur more good films. hats off

  39. hi anjaly i sw kerala caffe.ur wark was amazing.I thing mohan lal was the sutable man for ur fil than jagathi(plz forget his image).and I would like to c ur it avilable to dwnload from net.and can u giv ur email id…..

  40. watched ur interview in rosebowl….aallu puliyanallee..penpuli…??u have very strong vision abut life…! clear vision … no confusions… and know how to express it…
    enthayalum malayala cinemayileeku varu…oru meera nair ne pole…ennittu nammale pole yulla aalkarku nalla veshangal tharu…

  41. it’s ok… you did the right thing.. i stick on the same opinion and expecting a movie which will bring the memories of cinema’s flourished 80’s. i trust this can done only by very few.For that Some one has to comeout bold and Rock it.when your lucky red seeds is going to release….

  42. Great work from all.. It was indeed a journey thru the life of a Malayalee.. infact 10 different lifes.. Hats off to Ranjith and crew (as he always liek to say 🙂 )

  43. Big contented smile 🙂 Happy that I could watch it and tell you what I thought! You should just go ahead and make everything you’ve written. Its refreshing to see positive cinema sans inane dialogues and contrived plots… and thats putting it mildly :-)) Waiting for more (except that strictly no no horror idea)! Terribly proud of you!

    1. Chulini? Do you remember your Japanese friend? Hope you’re good every days.. Do you work in media company?

  44. Mam,i saw kerala cafe..i just love tat movie very much..i would lik to say 1 thing tat ur movie was really awesome.. excellent scripting nd casting..nd the suspense was really outstanding..congrats to u nd ur team for this brilliant effort.. Expecting such kind of works frm u in future.._sarath

  45. I saw kerala cafe truly different…your film happy journey is so funny and I like acting of jagathy.He is proved once again he is one of teh best actor in india.Thanks for giving such visual treat for us..

  46. hello mam,
    I saw kerala cafe today.I like the concept and each films in kerala cafe.Also like ur film “Happy journey”its different and funny….Its a nice film.The specialty is ur directional style moreover its interesting because Jagathy’s acting is amazing.No doubt the performer of kerala cafe is Jagathy.

  47. i saw the movie on the first day. It is a good effort from all the directors. Happy Journey, Makal and Bridge really stood out from my point of view. Thanks Anjali for bringing in a fresh wave and also expecting see more of your work. congrats!!!!

  48. it’s needles to say if one movie which stands apart in KC is none other than the “Happy Journey..” want to see these kind of more subtle issues from the director, its the hot tasty steamy coffee which i sipped after having 9 different dish from this ART CAFE.

  49. Thank you everyone for the encouraging responses and feedback.

    @tercelhawk – after the first layer, on probing further you would find the answers lie in the girl’s dialogues in the bus. The subtext is that of a specific social movement (wouldn’t like to give it away here). The smirk is the end to that parallel thought.

  50. chechi…

    enthu parayanam ennu enikk ariyilla…KERALA CAFE-yil enikk valare valare ishttappetta randu chithrangalil onnu HAPPY JOURNEY aanu
    (mattonnu BRIDGE )….

    athinu pradhana kaaranam abhinethaakkal thanne,prathyekichu NITHYA…randu perum thammilulla vaakkukalum nokkukalum aa nalla yaathrayil njaan kandu;kettu…njaanum aa bus-il undaayirunnu…

    nalla thirakkatha,sambhaashanangal…

    vegam varoo…malayalam cinemaykku chechiye venam…

    oru kavitha…(malayaalathil aakki vaayikkuka)

    varika varika nee sodaree
    chithralokam kaathirikkunnu…
    ivide jeevikkumaa jeevi than kadhakal
    thiraseelayil pathippikkuka vegam…

    kunju manchaadikkurukkal perukki nee
    oru nalla yaathrayumorukki…
    kittiyillaaakkunju manchaadikal…pakshe
    yaathrayil njaanumundaayirunnu…

    tharum ninakkereyaay daivaminiyum;
    varoo vegamee chithralokathileykk…

    ninakkaaayithaa chaaruramgamivide
    theerthirikkunnu ee kaalam…
    nin jaalavidyakal kaanuvaanaayi
    kothiyodirikkunnu ee kulam…

    athukond varika nee sodaree vegam
    cheyka nee nallathukal maathram…


  51. Hi-I have never met you but i certainly keep tabs on your progress with mal films.I too watched Kerala Cafe and would rate Happy Journey right up there.Like with most normal people, i too can’t shut up without finding a “flaw”- if i can call it that. Why, why, why and again, why did you want the lady character to put on that sly smirk on her lip…did it not give away something to the audience OR was that intentional- you know it best.Please answer.

    Mal films need MORE & MORE folks such as you (and send a lesson or two to mallu men :-)))
    Let there be many happy journeys where you discover more lucky red seeds in your path to glory.
    And, how about tweeting? we need to know how our new gen mal filmamkers are doing and what they are thinking….

  52. Hi Anjalii, you did the part..
    hmm nithya’s face was not in the frame for a minute or so… wht happend? I should say she has got real talent,
    felt bit flaw between the closing part…
    it would’ve been better if JK’s last call to his wife expressing some more love …
    avoiding the Girl’s father’s extra dialog regarding the bomb….
    Else its signs of a Director in making (with out the “woman director’ tag)

  53. Just came back after watching kerala cafe…superb i must say.happy journey is too gud. its up there in my top three.going by audience response i belive its theirs too .g8 job 🙂

  54. Anjali, heard this is the best amongst the lot. waiting for it to come to bangalore. One more, where can I get to see Manjadikuru?

  55. Its the most outstanding work among the 10.Original idea,Could have done more i really enjoyed this movie 5/5 .

  56. Getting superb preview reports, congrats Anjali 🙂

    Review –

    5. Happy Journey – Anjali Menon(Manchadi edutha director) kathayezhuthi samvidhaanam cheytha chithrathil abhinayichirikkunnathu Jagathy Sreekumarum,Nithya Menonum(Akaashagopuram Fame), Mukundanum(TV Actor) aanu. Poovalan aayoru madhyavayskane jagathy sreekumar avatharippikkumbol samsayakaramaaya swabhavamulla yuvathiye nithya mikavuttathaakki. Jagathy avatharippicha JK enna insurance surveyorude suhruthaaya pathrapravarthakante veshathil mukundanum. Jagathy sreekumar enna nadante range vyakthmaakki tharunnu ee manohara chithram. Theevravaadham enna vishayavum ithil charcha cheyyunnu. Ee cheru chithram kazhinjappol nalla prathikaranam aanu kaanikalil ninnu labichathu. Anjali Menon and Jagathy have done a fantastic job.

  57. We had a lovely “HAPPY JOURNEY” of 3 days of shoot with a wonderful and jovial cast & crew inside a moving bus. We had to wait until it was dark to commence the shoot and it would go on till dawn. I would like to thank each one who directly or indirectly participated in the making of this film, our lovely crew, Jagathy Sreekumar Sir, Nithya, Vinodettan, and the person whom I deliberately left out to be mentioned last ,Anjali! A great Director, person and a friend to work with. Thank you Anjali for giving me an other opportunity to work with you.

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