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a small dose of parenthood

How easy it is to criticise parents… one’s own and parents in general. “They dont do this right, they dont handle that right, they never get it!” For the thankless unpaid 24 hour job for the rest of their life, there is plenty criticism they have to take. Since I consider myself the kid so far, I dont identify with the parent mindset – yet! But this week I think this may change.

My 12 year old god-daughter Parvathy Krishna is coming to spend a few days with me in Mumbai. She is on holiday from Michigan and has been really looking forward to this. And so have I, but now when its really happening… yikes!

I totally adore Paru but I have to admit I am nervous as hell! Her mother Priya, too seems anxious – but more so because she wants her daughter to be the perfect lil girl at my place. As she instructs her daughter about how to behave, she has no clue that I am petrified that I may disappoint!  My ‘fun godmum’ image may go for a toss as she sees what I can be like over 96 hours 🙁   My husband is traveling and so are her parents – so it is going to be just her and me.

I should try to set a good example… take care of her … and generally make sure she has a good time… shouldn’t be that difficult, right? But alongside I have to behave… ahem. I read somewhere that before one has children there is a three step test.

Step 1: First, buy a plant.

Step 2: If it survives, buy a pet.

Step 3: If it survives, consider a child.

I am still struggling to keep my plants alive – and suddenly now am catapulted into semi-parenthood, even if it is for a few days.

How exactly does one deal with a smart intelligent preteen? Can I be the cool friend or will I end up being the old fossil??  From this side, the gap between the generations suddenly seems wider than ever… Any tips, anyone? Maybe I should ring my mum!

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  • nidhin August 13, 20109:50 am

    be yourself.. its gonna be gr8…

  • Sanal kumar Sasidharan August 13, 201010:36 am

    Shouldn’t be that difficult.
    Consider this like a trip with your friend and she will reciprocate the same – Have Fun my friend …

    Sanaal !

  • Sarath August 13, 201011:16 am

    Guess it’s time for bringin out the kid in u. For sure be prepared to answer a lot of questions and intelligent ones at that too. I am no expert yet having observed children, I would advise to be honest with them and not dodge questions 🙂 It’s goona be fun!

  • Karthik August 13, 20103:12 pm

    I wish to read the sequel of this blog from Miss Little perfect 🙂 You will rock…Bye

  • chandini August 13, 20108:54 pm

    enjoy every moment with her..like a kid,like a friend,like a mom,like a guide and all..njoy..!!

  • saneesh tom August 13, 20109:15 pm

    some times some ladies force me to admire them………….

    so do u……….

    have best in all corner of life…

  • Same is the case with kids also, its easy to blame kids, but shud think, we also did the same wen we wr kids.

  • Vijayakrishnan.G August 14, 20109:20 pm

    Great words from the heart of a mother

  • Arvind August 15, 20108:07 pm

    Hmmm… from my experience I think you would a strict cum friendly parent;-) only thing is kabh strict kabh friend that can be figured only by the intelligence of the child;-) And old fossil ki baat toh kabh ka prove ho gaya hain! I am sure paru would love the combo offer;-P

  • Divya AP August 15, 201010:21 pm

    its fun to be with kids,most often they will be like our parents advising about the lil things they heard and learnt. I always used to wonder at times my son is my dad 🙂

  • prashant August 15, 201010:34 pm

    Just be the natural self that you are..Thats all.You are a wonderful person at heart.Take evrything in life as a learning experience.

  • Sajna Basheer August 16, 20103:57 am

    Just be yourself, bring out the kid in you and enjoy the time with her….

  • Meena Manghnani August 16, 20106:10 pm

    LOL… you’re going to have fun… just make sure to tell us afterwards how things went 🙂 Now that might make for a fun story…. and yeah… don’t forget to water those plants 😀

  • bindu August 17, 201010:41 am

    I am sure it would not have been so bad. a little patience can take you a long way waiting for your next blog to see how u survived.

  • Lalitha Alexander August 17, 201012:28 pm

    Hey Anjali,
    My names Lalitha. I studied in Dubai Indian High School. After I saw Kerala Cafe n did d homework, I found out u were in Dubai too..’Our Own’ I guess !..nyway , I lovd d treatment u gave Happy Journey !..I myself am considering producing films in future, maybe even directing..i do amateur plays etc..n would love to catch up with you sometime wen Im in Mumbai ! Im based in Bglore now..setting up tours biz..also wanna do a Travel Show for showcasing d soul of India ! etc.
    Havent got my hands on ur Manjadikuru yet..whr can I c it?
    Oh..n on handling kids..jus remembr how u felt as a teen..n how ud want to be treated by an elder..get into her shoes ! dats all!
    Gud luck..
    N proud of u..very few women directors we hv in d malayalam industry..keep going!

      • Lalitha Alexander September 1, 20107:49 pm

        Hey Anjali,

        Thanks for getting in touch…I just realised that Vinaya Verma and Rani Bharathan are good friends of yours..Vinaya n I were in the same batch n Rani one year senior at IHS.
        Vinu told me u gals were chaddi buddies..lol..from dance class days !
        Well,im subscribed here..love your posts..we’ll meet someday ! Would like to discuss some ideas with you !


  • sreevidya nambiar August 18, 20107:36 pm

    anjali, i will tell you what i read and quite sure will never succeed putting into practice. ‘Be friendly to your kids but never try to be their friend’. If you can, all the best!

  • Chandu August 20, 20108:59 pm

    Consider this as an experience. The situations you go through will become useful tips when you actually turn a parent. All the best!

  • Aashish Nair August 25, 201011:13 am

    wishing u a fun time with paru..!! hope this vaccation with her help u in future life..!!

  • Priya Krishna August 25, 20109:24 pm

    Paru is so lucky to have you as her God mother!!You were great!!! love you xxx

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