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Football Frenzy!

One of the deepest human bonding exercises – nope, am not talking spirituality or karma but SPORT!

So how does it feel now that the world cup football nights are over? I am always amazed at how effectively a black and white ball can fly across boundaries of all kinds! Complete strangers cheer together, groan together and even exchange numbers once they have sat through a match together 🙂 Am a near novice but all my life I’ve been surrounded by football lovers… so the experience is happily inevitable!

This world cup was particularly bewildering with the favourites popping out of the way and others finding firm followers. The final match itself was rather baffling as both teams struggled through their way to the cup.

My favourite team this World Cup was Germany… yes I am quite biased in my choice because a chunk of my month was spent in Germany but my baptism occurred at the Munich Olympic Stadium. Here, on giant screens we watched Germany trounce England 4-0. David Beckham’s handsome long face apart… Alle Magne played the game and how!

The stadium burst into profusions of  red, yellow and black every now and then as the Germans cheered their team on “Deutschland!!!” A German friend shared that they had not grown up in an atmosphere where flag waving and nationalism was a matter of pride. Given their chequered history of persecution and guilt, this was a new opportunity to celebrate their nation. Somehow that thought moved me very much… so as we heard thousands of bugles in the air, it felt great to be part of that surging spirit!

Yes it was sad when they didn’t make it to the finals… but any which ways it is football that WINS! 🙂

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  • ranji July 25, 201010:45 am

    My memories of football are from the mid-80s – with Calicut Univ often winning the All-India Inter-University tournament. And Kerala Univ often the runner-up.

  • Vamos Argentina in Brazil 😀

  • anoop July 26, 201010:48 pm

    how does it feel now that the world cup football nights are over? relieved…..cos i was out of this madness and i couldnt stand the madness around me..who is messi who is kaka..dont get me wrong…its only because the virus didnt affect me…i like sports and the spirit it creates….it goes beyond nationalistic sentiments….may the best win…always

  • Ebil John September 26, 20122:55 pm

    hello madam

  • franc November 6, 20122:28 pm

    Foot ball is a passion and its humane. Foot ball is a small object and can easily play anywhere and available at a cheaper cost. This makes the game more popular. When it comes to countries it has been evolved in to different dimension. When the same object is played by great players the games seems to be more beautiful. Like films the same action been done by two actors the feel will be different. Ultimately the ball wins or the game wins. Franc

  • Veena April 30, 20138:13 am

    That part about the german fan is illuminating.Thanks

  • riaz September 10, 20139:45 am

    back again!!!!!
    espana nd deutschland

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