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I have yet to figure why anyone would be interested in what I have to blog, so this is an experiment dedicated to friends of mine who seem to think otherwise!

*”Like a bird on a wire, like a drunk in a midnight choir,

I have tried in my way to be free.

Like a worm on a hook, like a knight frm some ol’ fashioned book,

I have saved my ribbons for thee…

If I have been unkind, I hope you can just let it go by

If I have been untrue, I hope you know it was never to you…”*

With that disclaimer to all who may read this blog, I promise to be myself – frank, irregular and not terribly reverent or relevant for that matter.

(*courtesy Leonard Cohen who I utterly adore ! catch Vir Sangvi’s thoughts on the man in HT Mumbai weekend)

Comments: 116

  • Josh September 23, 20099:22 am

    Blog on! Best wishes, Anjali.

  • Priya September 23, 20097:40 pm

    As always,i’m a great fan of yours!your picture is stunning!! I wish i could read your malayalam script for kerala cafe!i know now it is not black nor white days anymore..will be having stuff like copyright issues!! miss reading your poems written in your own handwriting..All the best Anju!!keep blogging!! xx priya

  • Dhanush September 24, 20097:49 pm


    Blog on. You made Manjadikkuru with those memories. Who knows where the next movie thread comes from 🙂

    That profile pic is terrific, the point where you cut the picture into 2 makes it beautiful

    Best Wishes

  • Prasanth September 30, 20091:29 pm

    Hello I am interested in knowing more about the “only female” director in Malayalam cinema. Revathi is an exception since she was an actress first. If you have any write up of yourself or some interview (other than Kerala cafe) please send me the link. I am an Engineer based in California deeply interested in art of cinema mostly focussed on Malayalam cinema.

  • Apurva October 6, 20094:53 pm

    keep blogging madam.. all the best.
    It will be better if you add your profile page in this blog. I came to this site searching details of the directors of kerala cafe.
    I dint get ny other information abt you other than the film manjadikuru..kindly add sme details abt you

  • Ranjith Sankar October 14, 200910:15 pm

    So nice to find you here.Keep making smart movies:)

  • nikhil October 22, 200910:10 pm

    Whether the experience is only way to be a film director?

  • abhi October 29, 200911:14 am

    hai anjali …i heard from my friends that your film manjadikuru is excellent …am nt telling abt the making or other technical side of the film,but abt the feeling which it delivers …

  • Sivakumar October 31, 20094:03 pm

    Hi, Ms. Anjali Menon,

    Its nice watching your interview on Asianet. Was expecting an extreme feminst and a supporter of Parellel cinema ( Just made for the critics and other directors- Not for the viewers). But you disappointed us with your comments matching with the reality. We are sorry for labelling and keeping aside you thinking you as an extreem feminist and parallel movie maker.But the remarks made at the last phase of the interview was the inspiration to check your profile and reaching this blog. Malayalam industry need people like you to have good movies by all means. Especially preparing a movie focusing on viewers. The art films are just like the stones in the water. Some one says pointing the wet stone, ” See there is a beutiful sculpture is in it.” The other one says” Yes, it is the sculpture of a lady”. But a common man see only a piece of stone and he leaves the scene with desperation. The other two is making it in the way they want simply by throwing words. But, the stone is still a stone only.

    If any art piece is not communicating to its audiance or viewers or readers its not art. Any one who admire such piece of art is because of some feelings or emotion, or the instict to become intellectual. Example, some people in india is keeping the stone from demolished Berlin Wall which was seperating the East and West Germany once. Though the stone can tell many stories, still it has nothing to do with others. Art films are in the same category.

    ( Honestly speaking, If I watch any Art movie I will talk many things about it as an intellectual but most of the things are irrelevant. And I will suggest them to watch the same. Let them also be punished!!!!!. That is the reason why, the art pieces are iterpreted in many ways just like the blid see the elephant.

    We the malayalm movie lovers see a good director in you. The only thing is you have to communicate to all levels of audiances and viewers. Pleeeeease dont limit to so called buji’s.

    Raja Ravi Varma is in the heart of every one in kerala because of his medium of communcation reaching to everyone.

    This is where we want to see you as d director, where male domination is strong enough.

    If you have any disagreement, please communicate thru your blog.

    We wish to hear from you, and any comments will be accepted on a agree to disagree basis.

    Wish you all the best.



  • abhi November 1, 20097:24 pm

    Hai……i am writing this to convey the hearty congratulation on your effort in the movie Kerala Cafe.. i too tried to get a ticket to c the movie in palakkad,but went in vain.but i wont go back,anyways will be gng to c it this week. Like the other blogger i too expect good small movies from you.though u have started as a commercial film maker now only,veterans like Bharatan and Mira Nair started off taking very small films but with very storng content and quality. Please let me know is ur movie Manjadikuru available in any CD format.
    As u told in the interview in kairali channel last thursday,u r looking ahead to make some more good films ,joint ventures also welcome,;dnt knw abt ur future films.(i always wish to say films rather calling it as a mere project.)
    But as an ardent lover of cinema all your films are welcome.but try to reach the ordinary people.
    one more thing i read in paper that u had to discuss and write the dialogues in malayalam with one of your colleague.no problem if u write it yourself in a full fledged feature film spanning some 100-120 mins.I have heard that the class director Venu Nagavally got the appreciation from the legendary M T that his colloquial way of rendering is very good.like that ur’s too will reform in due course.
    anjali (chechi) {don’t knw whether u like this kind of addressing.but its my custom ,or i wish to say OUR kerala custom to address elders as chechi or eta….}
    best wishes.

  • Sivakumar November 2, 20097:15 pm

    Ms. Anjali Menon,

    Thanks for the reply which is so diplomatic and subtle and matching to the way you speak. Appreciate for accpeting that, you have to go long. This is really the first step to the way to excellence. Understand ourselves and learn more and more.

    Here some confusions arise, that are you considering all categories of audiance or to the specific category?

    Exampl. Cat 1 : People who are Watching movies seriously and evaluating its art values. They know the technicalities and other elements which a common man cannot understand.

    Cat2: People who believe cinima is an entertaintment media and watching only for the purpose.

    Cat 3: people who watch cinema for entertaintment purpose but want to see only good movies which is communicating the creators feelings to the viewer and in a certain point, the creator’s and viewer’s feelings merging. I am a common man and not able to describe further.

    I have seen three categories of cinema with art vlaue but are communcating to the heart of the audiance

    1. Ramu kariat’s cinima. A mirror to the real life
    2. Padmarajan’s cinima Story blended with fantasy and myths
    3..Jayaraj Interpreting the stories

    I think Bharathan alos followed Ramu Kariat’s path with some value additions with his creativity.

    All the movies by these creators ( I would rathr prefer the word.)were box office hits and holding art values.

    Padmarajan was one of the best story teller in malayalam.

    Many people sing but only a few can success, because the inherited talent is a basic requirement. We understand you have the same and in future we may get a very good cinima creator who over come the time.

    To other friends: Can any one specify what is the key common element of all success movies( Box office hits)?

    If Anjali feel this is a healthy conversation, please mention your target audiance.



  • Sivakumar November 3, 20091:43 pm

    Hi, Ms. Anjali Menon,

    Very happy to know that, you are taking the remarks with positive attittude. Ofcourse, other audiance /friends also. I wish to reiterate that we are just representing the common/ ordinary audiance who approach the cinema without any prejeduce.

    I wish to see your blog with appropriate comments, constructive criticism, valuable suggestions, feed back’s, etc and it should turn to a platform for effective both side communication with your audiance, which will be ample resources when you are thinking about your new project. The movie field is known for flattery which will ruin real talents.

    A good creator is moulded thru shear experiences, but if one wants to learn thru his/ her own experiences, the life is not enough. In my opinion there are three ways to enrich our experiences

    1. learn from Guru. Guru has many years experiences and he was taught by others and holding the knowledge of Generations.
    ( Alexander became great, because he got a good Guru Aristotle. Aristotle became great, because of his Gur Plato. Plato got a place in world of philosopy, because of his Guru, Socrtese.

    2. Self learning. Learning more and more about the subject matter and make a strong base. (When I first use my still camera, my uncle told me take the pic of his car. I took many pics from different angle but nothing got pleased him. finally he gave me a magazine of car’s and I learned from that book, which are the best angles for captruing the snap of a car.)

    3. Learning thru experiences. We cannot experience everything, but can observe others, situations, life styles, customes, expressions, communication methods etc. Close observation to the different walks of life can enrich our knowledge, creativity and ideas.

    Please do take this as the unharmful comments from a front seat viewer of movies( Back seat audiance will not laugh loudly, never clap, never express their feelings in Theatre)

    The views and intention of Anjali is appreciable, but as a viewer I feel you have to consider the category of viewer as well.

    Some cases it is not necessary but in many cases it needs.

    Hope you can interact with your prospective and potential audiance group and give us wonderful classics.



  • George Mathew November 3, 20093:43 pm

    Hey Anjali
    saw ur movie kerala cafe … was impressed well done ..!!!!! was googling the movie when i came to know bout ur gulf connections … me too had my childhood spent there in dubai..waiting to watch manjadikuru.. any new ventures in t making ?

  • abhi November 3, 20095:33 pm

    Hi Anjali……thnks for the reply.it is very sad that some good films are not available in the market very easily.some very bad films are released just because they have a star in it..manjadi kurualso has prithviraj as the main protagonist,even then…ok when it is available please let me know.
    Dont know wat ur future plans are,but wen thinkng on some small movies try to get the thread from some of the malayalam short stories like T Padmanabhan’s Gowri,Madhavikutty’s Neermathalam oothakalam,Basheer’s and of course padmarajan’s///am not directing u to make films of this type,but just throwing some light on the storylines it can b made into contemporary times(u too might have come across these stories)….many films of M T & Padmarajan wer thier own short stories. if people like u come forward then in future v can say proudly about this generation(like v hear about your director predecessors).
    we are stagnating around the views and films made earlier and only talk of the directors before 90’s.ironically most of them are now in retreat…
    So,as u want to write ur own u can think of variety of subjects. anyway this year seems good for malayalam cinema coz v have got a bunch of good debutnat directors like Ranjith sankar,Saji surendran,and of course Anjali Menon..and some good movies like pazhassi raja,kerala cafe,passneger etc…looking forward to make our communication better and better.
    responses are welcome.
    Wish u the best

  • ravi November 7, 20096:12 am

    film making is a difficult process. but keep trying through your films to make others sensitive to things which they haven’t noticed before.

  • Vignesh Vyas November 13, 20092:55 am


    I just saw your interviews and read few news about you!!! Really happy to hear and see all those (so just googled your name hehe…)!!! You are an inspiration for our generation, esp for ppl like me who aim to be film director in the future…Because I live in Newcastle, neither did I get the chance to watch ‘Kerala Cafe’, nor ‘Manjadikuru’…My cousins did say that the short film u made in Kerala Cafe is excellent… But yes, am looking forward to watch those movies.. can i just ask you – which film school did you do your studies from?

    chechi all the best in the future…

    Kind regards,
    Vignesh Vyas

      • Vignesh Vyas December 20, 20094:44 am

        Hi chechi,

        Thank you very much for the reply!.. will keep the film institue name in mind… Thank you… Good Luck with your upcoming projects..

        Kind regards,
        Vignesh Vyas

  • Gopakumar November 18, 200912:14 pm

    saw the movie kerala cafe…. after the movie bridge i liked urs Happy Journey. Whose idea was the story…. its a simple delicate funny movie…. when can we expect a full feature film from u…?

  • aneesh November 28, 20091:30 pm

    Hi beautiful Anjali menon,
    I am listening Your interview at Hit 96.7 FM right now .I am sure the golden days of malayalam movies are going to come back within no time ,and you will play a great part in that. Best wishes.

  • abhi November 30, 200910:45 pm

    Hai Anjali.
    A very big congratulations for making your part in “KERALA CAFE” a great treat for the eyes.i saw it in my native place.though there was very poor audience for the show and i had put mala to go for sabarimala(usually the tradition wont allow to watch films in theatre;but i was very much attracted towards the film!!!),i enjoyed it the maximum.all of the crew have meticulously made their portions.another big thanks for renjith for making this experiment a reality.another sad thing was that i persuaded my friends who had come for bakrid holidays to the see the movie and i went to sabarimala.but the film was changed to show a tamil film!!!in two days time..my friends told me they will watch it sometime later and they went for the tamil movie.
    as far as your portion it was like an O’Henrian twist.it was thrilling and entertaining.so is lal jose’s portion(the bus in that movie runs between my place and palakkad!!).please convey this pleasure to him when you see him again.!!!salim kumar also needs good appreciation.the protaganist played by siddique resembles a person known to me, very personally.
    Expect good ones from you in future.
    All the best wishes.
    With Regards

  • George Mathew December 20, 20093:47 pm

    anjali …. any plans of making a movie about life in the middle east ….??

  • Abhilash December 21, 20091:29 pm

    Hai Anjali…Kudos!!your joint venture film Kerala Cafe got its due recognition at the IFFK.hope you are free after bearing the heavy responsibility of being in the jury of IFFK..saw in an interview were veteran actress Revathi was telling about the plan of making a movie in which you will be writing the script.All the best for that venture also.Be it in any language,strongly believe it will b worth watching. Besides,saw your participation in Manorama news’ NEWSMAKER programme with Shashi Tharoor(As a matter of fact Shashi Taroor hails from my place in Palakkad and his relatives is my neighbour.!!!)When i saw it i was very happy that you have good perspective about the politics in Kerala.and the ways for transforming it into people friendly way.having spent many of the years outside Kerala,its very proud that people like you follow the happenings here.Usuallly,many think of kerala an undeveloped land that too,our own malayali people.u r the odd one out. many people known to me make fun of our beautifaul land. i too share the same views you have about contemporary politics in our land.u can get many wonderful one liners for your fims,just from the news arising from various parts of kerala.U can extend the idea u put forth in Happy Journey in different view also.. I cant stop writing on this blog whenn i heard ur views yesterday nite on tv.

    Wish u best of luck..
    With regards


  • uthaman December 30, 20099:11 am


    ur…not..good director.ur..a.abslutely.good..wrighter.

  • Deepu January 1, 20101:01 pm

    I look forward to getting hold of a dvd of the movie. And as a movie critic and one who holds views different from mere mortals, 😉 will update you sometime about my opinion.

    All the very best, as a promising director. 🙂

  • Arjun Babu January 1, 20102:50 pm

    Hi Madam…..

    Wish u a very happy new year……expecting good films from you in 2010…please dont make these much delay for the movies….please become a 365 days film maker……please….please…..Really our generation missing so much good films like 80’s…

  • JG January 2, 20105:16 pm

    Hi Anjali,

    You got the looks to be a heroine, would like to see u on screen too. Best Wishes.

  • anishthomas January 6, 20103:22 pm

    Hello Anjali, happy to see(finally) a sensible female director from Mollywood.Saw Happy journey and loved it.Waiting for the Manjadikuru DVD now.Way 2 go lady and do come up with more creative piece of arts like this in future.All the best 🙂 .

  • kk January 7, 20103:15 pm

    Hello Anjali, wish u all the best, but we want to see u on screen.

  • subi January 7, 20105:21 pm

    You did a nice job Anjali…, wish you all the best in future..

  • Shameer Salim January 8, 20102:00 am

    Hi Anjali, Happy journey indeed is a nice movie to watch. You have really exploited Sri Jagathy’s acting abilities to the core. Wishin u all the very best for ur future. Hope to c ur name in the mainstream directors in the next 2 years. Such a relevant theme treated carefully in a very simple line. Hearty congraatss

  • renji January 8, 20106:45 pm

    am ready to assist u,any chance?

  • Lakshmi January 9, 201010:16 am

    I just read your interview in latest issue of Vanitha. Felt really good reading about the two movies you have made and your viewpoints.

    We live in a part of US without much access to malayalam movies. I will try to watch your movies soon somehow.

    Please keep blogging.

  • disisshahid January 9, 20103:21 pm

    🙂 a smile for good

  • Suraj Krishna January 11, 201012:48 am

    Hi Ma’am, I ve read your interview published in Malayalam Weekly Vanitha…..found your frankness and lack of pretensions very attractive…Not so far seen any of your movies…but promise to see them soon and will let you know the impressions they may leave upon me….though i dont know whether it will be of any significance or relevance to u at all……… I am not a critic or a movie aficionado

  • subi January 16, 20106:34 pm

    Hi Anjali, we expect more from you…

  • Sindhu Sreedharan January 18, 201011:52 pm

    I watched Kerala Cafe last month and found Happy Journey one of the best from the ten short films. But I didn’t know who you were back then.I was so happy to realise yesterday when I was going through “Vanitha” that you were my classmate long time bsck in PWC calicut.
    Great work and hoping to see more in the coming years.

  • Sandhya January 20, 20107:08 am

    Hi Anjali,
    Congratulations!!!!!!!!! proud of u.Just wanna knw which year did u pass out frm Providence,I did my pdc 90-92 batch.All the very best for ur upcoming projects!!! read the other blog manchadikkuru ..writings r so bful.than k u

  • Vijayakrishnan.G January 20, 20105:43 pm

    You r not a Feminist but a Humanist………..
    Am I right?


  • jitheshkadalimattam January 20, 20108:40 pm

    excellent ..Anjali

  • ariyathe January 24, 20102:58 am

    Do blog on! I’ve been checking this for a few days now expecting a new entry.=] I loved Happy Journey and you’re the newest inductee to my list of Indian women I admire!
    I’d love to read more of your writings… and see more of your movies!

  • Chithrabhanu P January 24, 201010:15 pm

    പ്രിയപ്പെട്ട അഞ്ജലിച്ചേച്ചീ.. അങ്ങനെ വിളിക്കാലോ അല്ലെ…Its a great pleasure to read you blog. Hope you remember we have met at IFFK. ( juzz look the photo at http://www.chithrabhanup.blogspot.com/2010/01/iffk.html ) Today read your interview from വനിത. I really admire your vision..and eager to hear your words. So continue blogging if possible try in malayalam also.

  • Shaji Vasudevan January 25, 20109:48 am

    It is always happy to read / watch a thing which just flows….. and your journey was so flawless  that it looked as if ended too fast . May be I am wrong, but the thought is that you are not traveled too much to the golden era of Malayalam literature / movie. If not, take a journey down the line, I bet your next journey will never going to end. It is always told that success is a journey if not a destination, isn’t? Waiting for your next episode….

  • renoy January 27, 201011:25 am

    wat shud i say abut u ‘beauty meet quality or beauty with brains’. u always look stunnin. i’m egarly waitin to see more films from u as a director as well as an actress. keep goin and hope u’ll produce more quality films.

  • Sooraj February 5, 20102:07 pm

    Hello back to you,

    I have to say there are quite a few out there who would be interested in what you have to say, as a film maker and as a person. In terms of movie making, there’s a kind of change sweeping all over and to be part of that in any way, any medium; be it a film maker or the audience is an awesome experience.

    I am a person from a business background but have never left the creative child in me alone, film making is something i cherish and carry with pride and respect. And new generation film makers like you have expanded the horizons so much that i am being bold enough to make my baby steps into the actual creative process. Thanks to you and other of the same flock.

    I first got to watch “manjadikkuru” in trivandrum at IFFK and you were here for the screening too. An let me tell you that the movie really deserved the standing ovation and you too for bringing it right in front of our eyes in such a pleasing and beautiful images.

    I am glad that you have this blog and would love to hear more of your thoughts on film making and your thoughts.

    All the best for anything and everything that you are venturing into

  • abhi February 11, 201010:09 pm

    Hai Anjali
    You are from which part of Palakkad?Read in Vanitha weekly.Then what about your new projects , not hearing anything from the cine world.? Waiting for a full length movie from you..
    All the best…

      • abhi February 12, 20109:03 pm

        OOoh is it????very fine….am a little away from chittilanchery,called kollengode.hardly 16kms.moreover my second sis-in-law’s house is also in chittilanchery….(just told…i understand that u wont be visiting there often so wont knowing much…)please name the tharavadu…just to know..many pple from chi’cherry is living around my house..!!!!!patiently and eager to watch ur skill on celluloid…will wait till the good things are cooked…but one thing i like sweets a lot…
        All the best

  • abhi February 13, 201010:20 am

    oooh gr8….amma had already told me a wild guess…her cousin sis is married from tharoor hse only…..!!!!wont u be coming there in the future…??
    my place kollengode is the one where the movies Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha and mayamayooram(small portions) were shot;in an old palace…these places are very scenic and will be using for you in the future to get picturesque locations…you are invited…
    All the best…

  • Shaji Vasudevan February 16, 20109:47 am

    Hey! May I ask you some thing?

    To me there are only two types of directors, one who invite the viewers in to the play to feel the characters and situations; as close as inviting the viewer to be as one of the character. Like Padmarajan his all movies especially Thuvanthubikal & Nammuku Parkkam……. Will turn you in to one of its character. Then the other one who will turn the viewer in to mere spectator like the great James Cameron where we can do nothing but just drop our jaw. Which one will you prefer as a director? We as viewers are open to both

  • Ali Akbar.M.B February 16, 201010:33 pm

    Anjali chechi,just seen Kerala cafe;happy journey really rockzz.Come with more and God bless you 🙂

  • vasudevan February 20, 20102:29 pm

    You are scripting for some one else!!!!! That’s a bad habit……. You are journeying back wards after that very happy journey…… 🙁 am so disappointed with that. At least you should have been particular about your director. I don’t think he has even 10% of creative quotient than you

  • Abhi February 21, 201011:02 am

    Hai neighbour…Congrats for receiving the felicitation by MACTA last day for you and of course,for the whole crew of Kerala Cafe. Really you were closely resembling as the sis of veteran Revathi(i felt like that when i saw you were sitting beside her watching the proceedings on stage)…you have got a rare chance of getting into company of many veterans in mal industry within a short span of time….so keep it up and may this association help you make good movies that are good at heart…hoping that in this year also you will keep up the momentum gained from these experineces and show a world that’s still unearthed in mal cinema which’s getting stagnant by the day. all want movies in the proforma made in the past,but none accepts new concepts.living in the past does nothing,but can get many ideas which can be developed in a new way…i know ,from your experiences you will be having much more clear cut ideas and perspectives,but as an ardent lover of cinema and cinema writing am sharing my thoughts with you…
    All the best..

  • Vasu February 22, 20101:11 pm

    Men always do the same mistake isn’t? Sorry for the invasion in to personal decision making rights. Let me ask you some thing else, what I have to do to watch Manjadikuru…… I had already offered Manjadikurus….to lord Krishna if my prayers are met with…..

  • sarath.G February 26, 201012:33 pm

    Hello madam,
    I was in search of your blog and finally found it(Eureka!)
    I wanted to say “CONGRATULATIONS” for your good piece of work in
    Kerala Cafe. It’s time for you to come out with a complete movie since you are acknowledged by the Film Industry for your ingenuity and talent.
    After watching “Mitr my friend” I was astonished to hear that it was directed by Revathy madam and a thought creeped into my mind.Why do our Industry lack female technicians?
    That was an impugnable matter which raises the very old argument of disparity between genders.
    That question met a solution,probably interim,when I watched your “Journey” in Kerala Cafe.
    I was a bit surprised by the theme indeed.
    I expected a socio-friendly theme knowing your history,just as that of Revathy madam and I found a humourous piece on the silver screen.I was interesting. Hope to see you in TITLEs again.

    God Bless You!

  • sarath.G February 26, 201012:39 pm

    If you don’t mind and only if you don’t mind please please reply to my e-mail ID directly because I really want to mail you something very confidential and something that you may find interesting.

  • bejoy February 27, 20107:08 am

    hiii anjali menon, ur two films-manjadikuru & happy journey- were excellent. wats ur nxt project???

  • Anoop February 27, 20103:55 pm

    I didnt have any other go..name is anoop.from trivandrum..i am aspiring to act in movies..If there is something you could do,?plz help.anoopmurali007@gmail.com

  • Chandu February 27, 201011:38 pm

    This reader is interested in your blog because of a journey that was really happy! When will we get to see ‘Manjadikkuru’?

  • Arjun Babu Ravindran March 7, 20104:28 pm

    its too much chechi last week i gon to your mumbai fort little films office…i don seen any one in there….mindathilla….

      • Arjun March 9, 201010:26 am

        Then madam please….. giv your new address….

  • sujith March 9, 20106:54 pm

    I got an idea…I will share a nice thread with u ..If u like u can probably use this in your upcomming movie

    Here the story begines…Its a Family story 🙂 Dad,mom with 3 kids..the dad is very honest man..One day one Mafia Don ask the Dad to do some illegal favour for him . He refused to do such..Then the Don killed Dad and put fire on his house..mom also died in that fire..But kids they were young but managed to escape on the same day but they seprated.
    After 20 years One kid became policeman (to show some actions scenes)and other kid joined with the same Don(without knowing he’s the killer of his dad-for the twist in the climax) and third kid was a lady ( For romance and song in the movie) and he became teacher in one school..At the end of movie kids realised the killer through one of their distant cousin( chance for a guest role for any of the big Ms- superstar – for better promotion for the movie )and they killed the Don.

    Anjali – I dont think any of the director attempt to take a movie liek this in the past 30 years ..Why dont u try this …I have got lots of stories like this…If u r interested i will tell my next story …..Sujith

  • shamim mohammed March 19, 20101:03 pm

    hai anjali madam,
    i was really inspired by your ‘happy journey’
    ‘waiting women’ was also good.
    i think presentation of a situation is a different area of film making in the country
    i expect such movies from you.
    i have some plays with me which will be apt for you

  • Arjun Babu Ravindran April 4, 20102:23 pm

    Hi chechi
    Pls giv ur mail id…..pls…

  • Rakesh S April 23, 201011:07 am

    Hi Anjali,

    Any move from ur side to release Manjadikkuru?If yes, when can we expect it?


  • rahulsgm7 April 24, 20101:21 pm

    hi ,,
    can I have your email id please …
    i don’t wanna send a reply which is visible to everyone
    hope u wil give me.. trust me i will never be a disturbance

  • Help May 5, 201010:36 am

    I m afraid to admit the fact that there are fake anjali menon floating around in facebook 🙁 one of them approached me and told me she is Anjali menon director from kerala, is interested in making a movie with me. As per the request I sent my pics, she forced me to come in web cam chat but i avoided. She gave me a no but it’s switched off. when i asked her, she said she is in cario that why i didnot get her on phone. 🙁

    i wonder how many gals must hav become a prey like this?

    her face book id is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000996738303&ref=ts

    before the name was Anjali menon, now changed to Daffodil Menon.

    HELP !!

  • Tinju July 7, 20102:16 am

    hi Anjali…..first off kudos to ur work so far……..since I live in the states, I have’nt got the opportunity to watch any of ur movies on screen yet, but I read rave reviews about both films and I listened to some of your interviews online…….am really thrilled to know someone of your calibre who is so passionate about film-making, and who has a vivid perspective about life exist in malayalam film industry…….All the very best for all ur future endeavors and may u have the opportunity to express urself with total creative freedom……..so long

  • Sapna George August 25, 20108:41 am

    Great to meet you greet you and read you here Anjali

  • Nirmal John September 2, 201012:44 am

    I Would love to see Ur movie “Manjadikuru”……..From where shall i able to see it or get its CD or DVD……still searching all over the net……Not even a trace rather than its trailors……Ready to buy…..feeling impatient after i read its theme……pls Do Reply….eagerly waiting…..
    IS it showing in the Thrissur film fest….

  • vimal September 14, 20107:22 pm

    love the way you make movies.. and the way u write.. anyway. wish i could watch more movies of u..
    like u said.. be urself and bring it on!@!

  • jp vettiyattil September 17, 20101:13 pm

    thank u anjali for your blog link
    itz really vey interesting
    i hv to spend few hours to read your pages
    i shall read and come back again

  • hellosubs November 5, 20103:08 pm

    Hi, plz check my blog – http://theweaverbird.wordpress.com/

  • Jayakrishnan December 2, 20102:13 pm



  • ammu December 12, 20101:49 pm

    wow… it was a great to read your blog at manjadikuru, and now here to… now, leme take a chance, that i wont miss ma’am future posts.. had a great reading pleasure:)

  • Abhi December 26, 201010:12 am

    Hai Anjali…. its bn a very long time writing to u..was a bit busy wid my work..so hw things going on in ur part.heard in some media that u r planning to work with the ever admiring revathy and with B unnikrishnan.wats the future plans??hope to hear from u.. Happy New year…advance wishes…let the yr 2011 be yet another spectacular one,both in life and career… tc…

  • Arjun Babu Ravindran January 15, 20118:10 pm

    Chechi last 1 yr im reqstng d same thng …pls send me ur mail id…pls nalla chechi alle?

  • winston January 16, 20111:09 pm

    Madame does not blog anymore. I doubt why I should subsciber anymore. I liked the kerala cafe part. Look forward to your future endevours. but the blog i believe is a dud! sorry to say that!

  • Arjun Babu Ravindran January 18, 20111:20 pm

    chechi…Renjith mammooty team remaking padmarajn sir’s film”Arapatta kettiya gramathil”…whts ur openion abt remaking of old movies?.

  • Arjun Babu Ravindran January 18, 20111:26 pm

    in 80s films have a social massage…bt nw malayalam films are widening from the people…all r making some superman type of movies…I think thats d reason Anjali Menon have these much of fans after HAPPY JOURNEY…i don knw thats right or wrong,Bt i think you are a good role model for this generation as a film maker and person….

  • Arjun Babu Ravindran January 18, 20111:39 pm

    chechi,i don knw u ll gothrough my mail..thts d reason im sharing my thoughts through your blog..last year i came to your Fort office 2-3 tymes …atlast that watchman fed up with me told that ur office shifted to kerala..

  • @mrutha January 19, 20114:31 pm

    First of all lemme juzz tell u tat ur work in kerala cafe was jus awsome..without any hungama a work presented so well with simplicity.. & which successfully conveyd ta idea…

    Hope malayalam cinema will regain the quality of 80′s & 90′s and hope ul do ur role in that perfectly..
    Good movies aways find a special place in the mind of viewers which leaves a lasting impression.. so keep going…
    Ter r a couple of movies & directors now which indiacates the new dawning of malayalm cinema. Like,

    RITU by shyam sir
    whichis about one big web of wishes, dreams, and desires the three young friends weave around themselves.After watching the movie the viewers tries 2 find answer for the question “who am I among the 3” .

    Your movie, HAPPY JOURNEY
    A current and relevent theme executed with some humour. Good script and direction in all the way.
    Jagathy Sreekumar has exceled in his role of a womanizer. And nitya menon waz juz apt for the character.One of the best attempts in the bunch of ten movies of Kerala Cafe.

    BRIDGE by anwar rasheed
    smartly taken, those emotional pictures which relentlessly trying to say it’s real hard sometimes for a human heart to choose a right action.. relly nice

    Hats Off to Ranjith and team for providing an unsuual gem for malayalam cinema. The film proves that there are many fresh talents here are awaiting chance in the industry.

    PASSENGER by Ranjith sankar
    Kindof a road movie with a nice storyline that succeeds in keeping the intricacies of the narrative intact..nother movie presented neatly.

    nd ta newly released movie TRAFFIC by Rajesh R.Pillai
    It was a rare and beautiful experience of watching cinema. kudos for the whole TRAFFIC team..very gud casting.Once again itz proved that Story and script is the real hero of a film.Such a beautiful script.

    Bach to you Miss anjali,
    wen vl v get to c ur work “Manjadikkuru”? Relly waiting for it.

    Im a student f provi nd feels gr8 2 c sum1 frm provi excelling in this field…
    Wish you all sucess for your future endeavors…

  • George Mathew January 27, 20115:54 pm

    Dear Anjali
    Greetings ..!!! I shall start with a small introduction. Am an orthopaedic surgeon born/ brought up in Dubai, trained completely outside kerala and now settled in cochin working for a private hosp near Trichur. I always had this passion for cinema but didn’t have much time to spare due to our busy schedule. Of late i feel i have settled in professionally giving me some space to fuel my passion. Thus i came upon this issue which actually happened to a hospital where i was working . A hospital attack by an angry mob for a reason very silly. its after effect on society is huge- negatve impact on the medical team , on other patients and in a Communist place like kerala it also serves as an inspiration for other anti socials to take advantage of this sentiment. So i came up with this idea of making a short film with this as a theme .As i have no idea bout the technical aspect i need ur help . Also i want to add as this is a area of interest for me i would also like to be a part of the creative team.I hope not to offend you by this very informal approach. If you are in kerala i wuld like to meet you in person and maybe have a talk about the whole project. Sunshines to you ….

  • laijuyesh February 1, 20119:21 am

    love this song. One of the bests from Cohen.

  • Sichu Joy July 5, 201112:03 pm

    To miss Anjali Menon
    helo i am shijoy from kerala, and i have 10years experience in Mumbai film industry. Worked as asst editor with Danny Boyle,”Slumdog Millionaire”and now planning to settle in kerala itself.now i had written a script. just wane know, to whom i show it to make a film out of this? if you r interested or free for an hour, can i get an appointment?
    thank you.

  • Anish November 3, 20119:56 am

    Hello madam,

    When will ‘Manjadikuru’ be released in theatres in Kerala or in DVD / VCD ?
    We are eagerly waiting to watch the film.

  • cinematters November 10, 20117:59 pm

    Thanks so much. 🙂 Appreciate the gesture. Look forward to your new project..regards..cinematters

  • gibs August 9, 20124:14 pm

    congrats for Ustad hotel,Its a wonderful experience, there is a seat for u with pappaten,lohi,…,
    where is ‘Manjadi kuru’ .please help me to find it:)

  • Sameer September 2, 20123:24 pm

    what is your next project?

  • swalih mohammed February 4, 201312:09 pm

    hi anjali menon,

    usthad hotel was superb
    cud not watch manjadikkuru, checking weather the dvd available on a daily basis
    when is the dvd going to be released
    im writing this from hyderabad
    when is it going to be available for us , the non-resident malayalees
    loving ur works
    keep going 🙂

    swalih mohammed

  • sreeraj February 5, 201311:29 pm

    Dear Chechi,

    Hope your doing good,

    This is sreeraj I don’t know you remembering me when i was in calicut we meet once and discussed lot’s thing before you entering film industry. Now i am very happy to see you here. I saw the movie Manjadikkuru it was an good experience me and my whole family. When we come to Ustad hotel it was an outstanding screenplay congratulation once again.

    “I would like to keep a copy of Manjadikkuru DVD i search many shops and many online websites but i couldn’t find, any chance to get a copy about this “

  • joshua February 16, 20136:09 pm

    hello anjali,

    I am eagerly waiting for manjadikkuru DVD release. When is getting released??

  • joshua February 16, 20136:12 pm

    hello anjali,

    My fav muvi f d year is ustad hotel. Awesome work.

    Waiting for manjadikkkuru. ennanu DVD release aakunnathu ?

  • Lindz November 30, 20147:20 pm

    Hello Anjali.. Nice to see your blog and also checked some write ups ..Worth reading and really touching indeed..Could feel some free flow of magical yet meaningful experiences full of feelings.. have been watching all ur movies and should say those are great and simply superb… looking forward for more works…
    Have all the very best of this life.. 🙂

  • Krishnakumar c.r February 25, 20249:40 pm

    I love the movie….what is the real name of manchadi kuru child actors.

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