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Manish Acharya

Manish Acharya

Manish Acharya defined the Indie filmmaker spirit. He made a film, Loins of Punjab, that rocked and was proud of it.

In desperate times I was searching for inspiring precedents among indie Indian filmmakers, and quite literally I found Manish Acharya. Nope, I haven’t ever met him – but we have spoken often recently and I have been inspired by his zest for the process and unflinching drive. We shared stories of our experiences as newbie indies and laughed hard. Such an affable guy who laughed at all the hard work with a funny joke. In our last phone conversation, the topic came around to the fools who direct & produce their own first films and also want it to reach the moon (him and me being among them!). We promised to meet over coffee when we were both back in Mumbai.

Today he passed away – in a freak accident. I stand at the fringes of the many people who are grieving today for what he was and for what he would have become. The news articles say : “Young filmmaker Manish Acharya who directed LOINS OF PUNJAB PRESENTS passed away a short while ago today. Reportedly, he met with a fatal road accident which caused his death. Manish had done his MFA in Film Directing from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts. He also acted in Zoya Akhtar’s LUCK BY CHANCE and was the narrator of SITA SINGS THE BLUES.”

Manish has been written about in the Wall Street Journal, Variety, The Telegraph Magazine, The Times of India, Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, Mumbai Mirror, DNA, among others. But his own Linked in profile says “His goal is to be an astronaut, a disco dancer and a beach bum.”

But I prefer another quote for him ” The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” – George Bernard Shaw

I should be saying RIP Manish Acharya but all of me wants to say Long Live Manish Acharya! And he will, in all those minds he touched. God bless you Manish.

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  • umd December 4, 20106:31 pm

    i can understand how you feel. best friends never die, even if you do not meet them anymore. take care and pray.

  • Akhil Sathyan December 4, 201010:48 pm


    Better hide this from our heart though the brain keeps reminding it.

  • satheesh December 5, 20101:38 pm

    that was shocking news ….
    i loved his film Lions of Punjab when it screened at Dubai.

  • Asish Menon December 5, 201011:43 pm

    Came to know about Manish’s departure in today’s newspaper. Didnt knew he was MFA! Thought how passionate a film maker he was when read about his roles as associate cinematographer, actor, director, producer [and about producing the first film]. God bless, yes!

  • Praveen December 7, 20108:25 am

    I came across this article by Manish. Thought I’ll share it here.

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