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This month my calendar has a lot of red marks – each of them indicate deadlines and right now February looks like a floral rangoli pattern!! How is it that the universe conspires to bring all the things on at the same time?

Thank you for all the responses to the posts! Am actually guilty for not replying soon enough.

But there are some things that cant wait. Most people may have seen this already but I’d still like to share it and support the cause. It is the least one can do for this magnificent animal.


Do your bit to SAVE THE TIGER : visit



have a great day!

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  • Jain February 7, 20101:39 pm

    Thanks for this Post and Video. All the animals have to be protected like human beings. They deserve a better life on earth as they didn’t ruin anything here. 1411, yes that number is disturbing. I will do my best.

  • shahid February 19, 201011:47 am

    it be a small leap, everything counts when its about biodiversity. CheerS

  • Jayakrishnan February 21, 201011:36 am

    Greetings Anjali

    Nice to see you being around , making you heard. ( Hoping to see more though despite the rangoli patterns! )

    As malayalam movie-goers we are all dazed and confused to see the controversy surrounding two of our finest actors. Do you think that there anything more to it than a feud between two people, although the likely outcome seems bleak for the cinema.

    Read that manjadikkuru will be coming out soon !

    Last but not the least, kudos to the save the tiger initiative, lets do our bit to save the big cat.


  • Hari February 21, 20102:25 pm

    In India the Govt. has set up a number of Tiger reserves and Sanctuaries. But surprisingly seldom did I find any in these places. May be they were hiding to save themselves and their cubs from the humans.
    There was a time in our country; in fact, all over the world; to exhibit at home the skin of a tiger with its head hung at one end. Even the legends say that those worshiping gods and demigods used to wear ornaments studded with tiger’s nail teeth etc and using tiger’s skin as dress, or a carpet used to sit for meditation. The irony is that, all these gods and demigods advice “ahimsa” to the mankind. Who cares!!!!!
    The worrisome part of all projects to protect these wild or domestic biodiversity is that all those things just sleep in papers; securely under the red tape.
    It was just a few months ago that in one of the small towns in southern part of Kerala, an aggressive Cheetah was killed by even more aggressive crowd. The video footages of people emerging victorious were relentlessly telecast in all television channels.

    Who Cares!!!

  • Jayakrishnan March 1, 201011:36 pm

    Side-effect of being a human being, we always see two sides to the coin.
    Human beings are Apex predators, so are the leopards ( I guess that you may have meant a leopard by mentioning a cheetah, pretty sure that cheetahs are extinct in the Indian wild. ) But Apex predators do not get on well with each other and I am sure that in the past, leopards and humans have killed each other a lot for all the rational reasons we can imagine. Also if memory serves, (and if the same incident) which you have mentioned above happened after the animal dragged an infant to the woods. One may empathize with the people who faced the tragedy and one could also argue that the killing would not have achieved anything positive if the beast was captured alive, strapped and taken away from the humans.

    We need to find ways and co-exist. Save what is little of our forests. their homes.

    Bad politics, demi-gods; fear that there is nothing more hypocritical.

  • Dhanesh MS March 5, 20109:10 am

    Hi Anjali,
    While it’s important that we join and support these causes, we should understand that we are not doing enough. People around the national parks depend heavily on the wild to survive. I am not just referring to the the tribes. While on a long bike ride back home to Cochin from Bangalore, I accidentally stumbled upon someone who used to depend on tigers to make sure that his family didn’t starve. I am planning to write that incident on my blog http://www.passingfantasies.blogspot.com today.

    And the piece you did in Kerala Cafe was simply brilliant! You’ve got two ardent supporters and believers in me and my wife. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more from you…

    All the best.

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