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Thank you for your madness!

“Oh my gawd, they’re loving it!!!”

“am getting goosebumps reading the reviews”

“party party PARTY!”

“i didnt get tickets coz it was housefull – and that makes me very happy!”


(and there was this one guy who called me and was quiet – a few fumbled words later, I figured he couldn’t stop smiling!)

These are responses I have got from my crew over the past 10 days, to the fate of our films… ¬†different films, different contexts , different people but the enthusiasm is the same. I love the feeling that for each of us it is a piece of ourselves and the passion for it quite never dies. These reactions come from people who worked tirelessly over seemingly insignificant details. But when the films are watched, they get their redemption because those details make up the whole experience. I’d like to thank them for their trust, their work, their madness, and fun spirit which makes the journey as special as the destination. Some journeys are short and some are loooooong but I am blessed to have all of you with me.



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  • Rakesh S November 10, 200910:57 am

    Question once again. How can I watch Majadikuru? Any theater release or DVD release planned?

  • arvind November 11, 200911:20 pm

    WOW! i liked the post;-) the crazy four of the gang of weirdos!!! just takes me back to my couch and the amazing shoot of the film:-) Frankly i miss the madnesssssssssss!

  • arvind November 11, 200911:22 pm

    THANK YOU and hope the journey would always continue…

  • rakesh nandakumar November 15, 20091:01 pm

    great job !!

  • saritha November 16, 20097:27 pm

    greattttttttttt.it was 4 ur movie,the audients gave applauses.good messages through short cinema,nice idea……hope we can see u more…..

  • Beno December 2, 20093:49 am

    Here’s our most recent short mock documentary about the awkward pauses that take place in a lot of conversations:

    Please let me know what you think.

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