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Treasure is everywhere

What intrigues you about a person you have just met?

Is it the way they look?
The way they speak?
What they say?
How they think?
How they make you feel?
How similar/different they are to/from you?

A combination of all these boils down to plain ol’ chemistry… doesn’t it? 🙂 But besides that aren’t there times when you meet someone and you just feel like you know this person? Its happened to me quite a few times, mostly the people concerned have become lifelong friends and one or two others have really crossed swords with me – either ways they’re unforgettable. They’ve been there with me through the exciting and the depressive – making sure I’m learning as I move on.

So what is that instinctive feeling that guides us from general to particular i.e., through crowds towards friends? Is it some kind of deja vu or are we simply playing along to paths of destiny / kismet? I dunno the answer but every time it happens, I sit back and enjoy the magical reality of life. Such moments are like beautiful translucent bubbles bringing you something special as they drift in your direction. Lets catch them! 🙂

“. . .sometimes one feels freer speaking to a stranger than to people one knows. Why is that?”

“Probably because a stranger sees us the way we are, not as he wishes to think we are.” 

― Carlos Ruiz ZafónThe Shadow of the Wind

P.S.: Apologies for being so hopeless about writing the blog… i’ve been reading those personal notes urging me to write here… am an utterly lazy pea who needs to be pushed from the pod and so thank you for doing that. Warmth.

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  • Joe Abraham January 25, 201412:31 am

    It is indeed great to read your blogs. Thank you Ma’m!
    It is so awesome that your writings in English gives as much pleasure as your scripts in Malayalam.

    I’m really struck by the quote and would try to get my hands on ‘The shadow of the wind’ at the earliest. Thank you!!

  • abhinandpb January 25, 20147:43 am

    Hello Madam, For me how they treat us,Mutual understanding and all…. so true… sometimes I can be real me with strangers …. they can look me without judgement,expectation … I can talk freely with my heart … I dont want to think what they feel about me tomorrow…………..
    curiously waiting for “bangalore days” I know It would be great to watch with real experiences,Fun,emotions…..I m Expecting heart touching movie like MANJADIKURU…. 🙂

  • Preethish Janardhanan January 25, 20148:58 am

    Argh! Would have loved to read more of this Anjali and somehow it ends abruptly. Loved the adage from Carlos. It’s indeed true. I have no idea either. We can only speculate about the ‘secret’, while the truth is hidden. I was in Chennai for the first time in my life while I was a teenager and I can see a rogue coming from a corner and I know he is heading towards me even though we are surrounded by a crowd. He approaches me and takes the drink from my hand while I gleefully give it away. No clichés. Just pure silence and both of us walk away as if nothing happened. That moment for me was beyond chemistry!!!

  • ഏകാന്തം ഈ തീരം..മൌനം ഈ സാഗരം January 25, 201412:09 pm


    It is actually hard to believe you were confused or uncertain to write, yet still you rocked it.

    I say, remember that next time you confused or uncertain to write, just go ahead.

    You will be on fire.

    My, you were talkative yesterday. 🙂

    Hmmm… wonder what goodies are in store next time you become talkative.

  • Alan January 25, 201412:58 pm

    Beautiful words. .No Thank you for writing, 🙂

  • raajkrish January 25, 20142:08 pm

    Exactly mam…. I too,have felt the same many,times…..

  • Rajesh January 25, 20145:32 pm

    I agree completely with you. There are people out there with whom we can connect immediately. What I hate is that majority terms this as Chemistry. I hate that term.

    Like the French say, it is a feeling. Or like some others say, people having the same frequency/wave length in thoughts. Doesnt mean these people agree or like or have the same opinion on each and every matter / issue. My wife and I are opposite poles mostly in our likings, but we have that feeling or same frequency in thought.

  • unniajantha January 25, 20148:29 pm

    oru saadhaarana vykthithwomalla thangaludethu . njan palappozhum aalochichundu .

  • Indhu January 25, 20148:40 pm

    I’m learning as I move on…..yessssssss!!!!

  • DIPIN C H January 25, 20149:12 pm


  • Vakeel January 26, 20142:51 am

    It’s Beauriful! Thank you very much! Awaiting for more & more in such a flow! 🙂

  • Subha Pattathil January 26, 201411:11 pm

    We meet so many people every day…while on the bus, the subway or on the road. It is a simple fancy to watch them. However, once they are gone, they are gone from the mind along with their tangible frame work. Nothing left, not even a trace. No more, no less. I am the same person, the world is the same place and the wheels of the bus are still going ‘round and round.’

    Lately, I never even bother to look at someone. It’s pretty difficult to talk to a stranger especially when it can seem quite unnecessary too. However I love to listen while people talk on public transit. Being an active part of a conversation is a hard procedure for me, because everyone has got their own whims and fancies about life and what it brings.

    Thoughts are very subjective and sometimes I find people saying the very opposite of what they intend to tell. Most of the time I have seen that thought processing is a very personal thing and we all marvel at ourselves but deny the real self, just to fit in to the surroundings or to the societal values. The friends I cherish the most are the ones which I never call, talk or email. They never fascinated me in any respect, however they try to understand and know me without any of the frills and even after many years in the freezer, frozen – look, it is fresh and green.

    I think anyone can be special; we are all the same old human beings. We all become special to someone along the way, sometimes knowingly. We must be bringing joy to the people we meet day to day – when we meet them or when we leave them. The way you perceive someone makes them special and unknowingly they become your treasure. Look for it, “treasure is everywhere”. Say it when you stand in front of a mirror, when you look at your image.

    Thank you so much for your time.

      • Subha Pattathil January 27, 20147:31 am

        Thank you.

    • Pink Mango Tree February 13, 201410:39 am

      Glad to find a new post here Anjali; better late than never 🙂
      And Subha… I love your take too, on the topic.

      All the best to both the ladies out there!!

    • Nidhin August 9, 20144:47 pm

      when we meet the people in our walk of life we never realize that we are not going to meet them again in life.
      As you said, they do not leave any remark in our mind once they walk away from our vicinity, but in a way they are so special because we see their face only once in life!

      subha, very fascinating to read. good writing 🙂

  • unniajantha January 27, 20141:02 am

    thangalude puthiya filminte fb pramoting work enikku cheyyanamennundu . aalochichu nokkoo .

  • YashMhen February 5, 201410:21 am

    I understand in different ways…after few days i didnt understand anything…but somewhere i excited

  • Riji February 18, 20144:23 pm

    Yes,I wonder so too. Because even when there’s no reason to,a bond is formed. And it is so mysterious in nature that we often are left wondering through the relationship,as to why this bond was formed. I do believe that it is destiny playing its game,a game which we merely play along not fully or even partially understanding what it’s all about. Also it is about a connect between two souls,like how at times,in the supermarket,your eyes find cheese faster than your mind,apprehending what you may be looking for.

    Keep up the good work !

  • hkayownsdisprof March 10, 20146:04 pm

    we met a few days ago 🙂 I’m very impressed by the warmth you shown, mam! even in between the work, u didn’t hesitate to take a photo! I’m one among the ones who respect you because of your skills in the field 🙂 hope Bangalore days be another successful work! 🙂
    did want to say these in person, hope this medium does help me convey what I thought of saying 🙂 did try to convey through Facebook, but I couldn’t. I do feel it would be nice to post it below this blog since I’m one among the strangers you met 🙂

  • Binu Ninan April 11, 20141:25 am

    Well i love talking to strangers because i feel i can be myself to them, or i can show them a part of my personality that i havent shown anyone else. When I interact with my folks, my wife, my friends – im playing roles, fitting into a set pattern of customs, responsibilities and behaviors. I also am obliged to perform in a certain way to build the image that i have created with them.

    But with a stranger – these roles and responsibilities vanish. When a child interacts with any adult, whether it may be a priest, a prime minister or the maid – he / she interacts with them in the same way. Isnt that the way we interact with strangers?

    By the way Im a HUGE fan of your writing- i find hidden gems in every sentence you write. I am also a lazy blogger – and I understand ur passion is in cinema – but please keep writing.

    All the best for Bangalore Days – will watch it the moment it releases


  • shibin April 21, 20146:51 pm

    madom, pls continue using others phrases if it is necessory. a good curry can be made from chillies onions etc which are from different parts of world,different culture and cultivated by different persons.But its also important to keep the balance between different ingredience.

  • Since K Saji June 1, 201411:24 am

    maam i am new to your blog can u write something inspirational like hardwork , working experiances etc

  • Since K Saji June 1, 201411:25 am

    Great film Bangalore days Hats off..

  • Since K Saji June 1, 201411:29 am

    Can u make a movie like fight club well i think the movies like fight club or taxi driver will not fit to molliwood crowd

  • Ansar June 2, 201412:28 pm

    HI Anjali,
    I think you may be younger than me, so I hate to use the word mam etc. You got a beautiful name and I like to use that. Why we get attracted to strangers and some of them becomes our best acquaintances. We all got “like” “dislike” buttons somewhere in our memory, stored with images which are outcome of experiences and those images have tags of “like” and “dislike”. The image of the stranger whom we meet triggers one of this buttons, from there starts the relations. Some relations outperform our expectations and become part of us.

  • Rajesh June 2, 20148:49 pm

    Thank you for another simple, watchable movie maam. Just a couple of thoughts, if I may.

    The title is mis leading, for me. This is more about three youngsters, who happen to be cousins. It could have been in any city, Chennai or Hyderabad or even our own Kochi.

    So we should not expect any thing like / better than Manjaadikkuru anymore, maam? Would you just keep writing, only, this simple feel good ones like Ustaad Hotel and Bangalore days.
    I really hope, Manjaadikkuru was not your best and you would make even more strong and serious movies. You are a hope.

    I am not sure, if you are a better writer or a craftsman. Congratulations maam.

  • Sith June 13, 20145:16 am

    What a boring screenplay

  • kannan venugopal June 15, 20141:43 pm

    hi anjali,
    just watched your interview on manorama channel. Nere Chovve. # impressed !
    Enough to search your blog and leave this message. such clarity of thought and courage under fire ( from the covertly misogynistic anchor). May your tribe increase. Best wishes, from down under.

  • Bhavika June 15, 201411:25 pm

    Hi Anjali.
    Watched Bangalore days today and am awed and i couldn’t wait to convey to you how i felt (trust me this hasn’t happened before..especially with a movie; with a book may be, but not a movie). And I was praying all the way back from theater that there is a blog or mail ID i could catch hold of to do it.

    The movie is simply inspirational…to never give up. It was funny and emotional, soulful and stirring. I wish i could articulate better what i really feel …but let me just say this and stop, thank you!!! Way to go gal!!! 🙂

    • Sree June 18, 20147:43 am

      Can’t agree more 😄😜

  • sinu s June 16, 20143:47 pm

    Hi chechi,

    Bangalore Days kandu irangumbol kurachu munpu manasil niranja kadha patrangale kalum entho onnu angote parayanamennu thonni cinimaye kurich athu ezhuthiya aale kurich …………

    ” Nurungu chillam kadhakale onnichu neytha silpi……

    orayiram eliya abhinandhanandgal……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Athena June 17, 201410:30 am

    Ma’m I saw Banglore Days last Saturday.. Really I loved the film. Kunju,Kuttettan,Aju……….everybody really rocked. Thank You Ma’m for giving us such a good movie. I am so happy to know that you are in blog,beause I too have a blog. Once again thank you ma’m………

  • Swetha June 17, 20142:25 pm

    To begin with I would like to say hat’s off to the amazing piece of art ( that’s the best way to describe) Bangalore Days . Indeed you have accomplished to convey the thought you shared “I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say he feels deeply, he feels tenderly.” Indeed it turned out to be one of the feel-good movies you will feel good about for eons and eons to come. The essence of life and living was well portrayed in Banglore Days.

    Amidst the hustle and bustle of the big cities, people often ignore the surroundings they are in, fail to take a minute or two to look around and see who are all around us and the type of lives each one is living.
    We as a human mostly are judgmental about everything and everybody around us, At least we are told to be one, by our loved one’s always to be skeptical about the strangers we meet, we are not told to have an open mind, This is the kind of place we used to be in, but there is this change happening I see amidst us, which is like a bud in this corporate jungle, The people are changing or rather people are realizing the fact that all posses an open mind and that gets narrowed down over time.

    A smile from an unknown person or a timely help from a stranger in the middle of road / bus stop / or a bank just gives you this breath of fresh air, something we all need once in a while to feel alive.
    I feel many of us suppress ourselves to feel that openness, to have an open mind towards the people we meet in our daily life. Who said you cant be open and cautious at the same time, the thought processing of people’s mind subject to the society’s take on the whole concept. Individual thoughts are often denied rather ignored. I would say life cannot be fixed in a designed pattern to fit into the world we are in, It’s way to wide to explore, give a chance to the people around, a smile at a person, a stranger, you may never know it might make his / her day. Take a minute and listen to people on the street sometimes it might be the answers you’ve been searching for.

    Everyone is special in their own special way, Believe in the goodness each person carries, It would turn out to be the treasure you may carry in your heart forever. To add to Ms. Shubha thoughts, Definitely we become treasures to many people we meet in our day to day life and many become our treasures that keeps us going.

    Thank you Ms. Anjali for your thoughts and your time to create an epic in the history of Cinema and the reason I have ever taken a step to write something like this (Feeling awesome).. Banglore days will always be close to my heart, the expressions I have expressed here, is a collective thought of my friends a crazy bunch of 6 with unique characters individually. You unknowingly touch the hearts of a million, and will definitely be a treasure in mine. 🙂

  • Sree June 18, 20147:42 am

    Bangalore days is just fab. You have made everyone in screen alive !! Keep up the good work.

  • Dr Sebind June 20, 20149:21 am

    Hi Ms Anjali,
    Thank you for bringing a whiff of fresh air to cinema. Be bold enough to think beyond the boundaries of malayalam and Kerala and India. We expect films of world class quality from you. We have a tradition of great directors. You are in a position to touch and make a difference to millions of lives. The films like ustad hotel gives a social message too. All the best. ‘Thudakkam maathramalla, thudarchayum thanthonaanenaa aayikkotte’.

  • Anurag Gangal June 21, 20148:12 am

    Well, this reaction when you see someone for the first time in your life at a place you have never been before…..is certainly Great..!! But, how this happens, the Chemistry …it can not be. As, it takes some time to develop. Then what it could be….I had this wonderful experience but once only and it was quite intense…..!!

  • BASIL THANKACHAN June 27, 20145:20 pm

    hi Anjali chechi…u r a class act.we malayalees are proud of u.one thing i would like to add is that even though u r raised in middle east,u dont give a feeling of that,like many other such people.

  • Vimal George July 4, 20142:27 pm

    Out of all these dilemmas, how are you able to look at the characters they really are?
    I am just curious to know that, have you ever faced a situation where you think you don’t belong and yet had to stay in.

  • Vimal George July 4, 20145:14 pm

    I am an IT professional. But I never felt I belong here (though I can survive here). As most of us do, I too like Movies and music, but I have an extra feeling that I can be there with the arts. I would like to learn the direction. Can you be my teacher and give me an opportunity to assist you? (Not for money 🙂 )

  • divya July 21, 20146:12 pm

    The characters of your films have made me look into the beauty and the tenderness of the spirit of our culture, which I have experienced in 3D around me as a child however lost as we got into late teens and adulthood filled with a fast paced life and never ending expectations.

    The definitions have changed- of success, happiness and sometimes even nostalgia.
    Thought painfully of me as an alien sometimes to harbor some of the thoughts portrayed in your films as valuable….
    However you dared to present those values as treasures……

    I have a story to tell you if we ever meet you or even feel the deja vu effect to each other.
    A story cherished like the “manjadikkuru” from childhood..
    I am trying to preserve it as such but we will see how time can sometimes make (good) changes in a well preserved story as well…

    Regards, Respects and congratulations for the creative energy that you dare to keep within and share with your fellow people……

    Thank you!

  • Suku July 23, 20143:04 pm

    congratulations to the director of a good movie which i watched this week, bangalore days. frankly speaking i do not watch many movies a year and this one i decided to watch with my family because of its word of mouth reputation. the decision turned out to be a comfortable one as not even once during the movie i was uncomfortable as a parent of three very young kids watching the movie, nor my wife.
    as a limited film goer, i am of the opinion that the quality of a movie is primarily determined by the director and not by actors in it. (this is a theory i have developed during my teenage days, when i realized that i enjoyed movies directed by particular directors and not others. those days it was padmarajan, bharathan, sibi malayil, lohithadas, hariharan… . these days i like watching movies by lal jose, blessy and now anjali menon is added the list. thanks for giving us more options.)
    from my personal point of view, i like bangalore days not only for its good direction, but i felt that i have lived through the lives of all three male protagonists. transformed from being a shy guy from a small town in kerala to brash youngster in pune to a grounded male in the gulf, i feel i lived all the three lives in the movie. the actors did an excellent job.
    thank you once again for offering us a good movie.

  • Saritha Pandyat July 30, 20146:36 am

    Hi Anjali, this is Saritha from New York. I would like to talk to you about a story, can I please get your email id?

      • Saritha Pandyat July 31, 20145:21 am

        Thanks for your response Anjali:) Here is my fb profile.

      • Saritha Pandyat February 4, 20159:23 am

        Dear Anjali,

        I tried to message you through fb but it said it would go to ‘other’ folder. I sent couple messages on the story I mentioned. Please check if you get a chance. Much appreciated:-)
        Have a great day!


  • Anju August 6, 20145:09 pm

    Totally agree with you. My best friend is someone I have known for 9yrs now, but met not even once or ever talked to even over the phone. Never felt comfortable conversing with anyone else the way I do with that person. Strange.

  • ormakayi August 13, 20141:37 am

    Reblogged this on ormakayi.

  • Iyswarya Chandran August 17, 20147:07 pm

    most of my friends in my life are the ones with whom there was an instant connection..

  • krishnamachari ragavan September 5, 20142:58 am

    The Movie Bangalore boys was nice and really a entertaining one.Apart from your Good direction the movie was captured nicely by Cinematography.My compliments to the Cinematographer.Bangalore was nicely taken by his frame work.

  • kpk September 8, 20143:52 pm

    Hi Anjali

    Bangalore days is an extremely touching move. carry on the good work. In your movies you have tried to bring about some change in consciousness in the hearts of the audience which is an extremely good sign. somehow you have been able to capture hunger, guilt, forgiveness , plight of special people etc in a way which touches the hearts and minds of people. god bless you and may you continue doing the good work consciously or unconsciously. Thanks and regards,

  • Swathi P Nair September 8, 20149:20 pm

    Hi Anjali,

    That was an interesting write up..Congrats on the big success of Bangalore Days…there is always one thing that I find unique in your movies,There is a lot of depth in the characters you portray in your stories..loved ur simple way of storytelling !!…
    I had read a book recently..”Ladies Coupe” by Anita Nair…the story revolves around a lot of female characters…strong ones,!!..I really wish if I could see it as a movie ..and u r the perfect one to make it……just a suggestion… 😉
    .I’m quite sure tht u would love the story…

    –Swathi 🙂

  • Pooja December 16, 20141:57 pm

    i love title. Such a happy post and so true. If you think about it, one is never alone in this world. 🙂

  • Riji Saurabh Nair January 27, 20156:56 pm

    Well, Anjali..that’s precisely how I felt when I spoke to you while you were at our apartment for the shooting of Bangalore Days.I am surprised that I am not the one to have written that blog. And I didn’t really know who you were, until the shoot began. I never realised that the unassuming, self-effacing and humble person I was asking details of the shoot, was its director, and also the person behind manjadikooru. I loved Bangalore Days but when I saw Manjadikooru, I was rendered speechless. Such a fine exploration of the superficial and the sublime. Absolutely brilliant work !!

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