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A broken Nataraja standing knee deep in water… the surprise element was that this statue stood in a pond in Mauritius!

Recently published in Tom Mangatt’s Mazhakkalam.

Other bits I found at Ganga Talao

Comments: 6

  • ariyathe December 16, 20115:25 pm

    aren’t we all?

    love the capture.

  • Rajesh December 16, 20115:27 pm

    Good photograph, using a polarising filter would have made it more serene though

  • George Adimathra December 16, 20116:51 pm

    Standing Nataraja- taken in B&W- would it look better? May be 🙂

  • Sichu Joy December 17, 20117:40 am

    not bad:)

  • sreekumar December 17, 201112:15 pm

    very nice……………

  • iamrahulashok July 6, 20127:53 pm

    A versatile personality in all respects! Metal salutes to you, Anjaliji.\m/ \m/

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