Homemade bliss

Lilies, roses, daisies and tulsi bloom in our balcony. In other corners of the house there are money plants and the christmassy poinsettia… they and I have our early morning chats when I water them and the rest of the house is asleep. There is so much peace to be found in this daily humdrum  activity of watering them and watching them grow…

Half of last year I spent making a film. The rest of it has been travel and blissful domesticity… Though makemytrip would have one believe that we stressed out souls at work need that Greek holiday to recharge…  making some homemade jam, growing these plants, fixing jigsaw puzzles with a 3 year old can be far more powerful recharges! 🙂 Simple routine things are what I find incredibly restorative to the body, mind and soul… I can see raised eyebrows of friends who hate the daily drudgery but look at it this way – by setting those simple routines, there is a rhythm that we set into our lives. I don’t think anyone gives enough credit to that simple rhythm or the people who set it.

Perhaps in a few months time I will feel differently and leap back to wanderland, but till then… 🙂

Happy 2015 everyone. I hereby resolve to write inanities on this blog more often. Much love.

27 thoughts on “Homemade bliss

  1. I agree Anjali, simple routine things are actually the ones that add rhythm to our life- sharing a joke with spouse, playing with kids, the morning tea, listening to a favorite song, a bedtime book….we go on so busy with other things that sometimes we forget about these simple things. Only when something different happens, we think of all these and miss those days, bringing us reminders of those beautiful normal routine. When one of my daughters was in hospital, I still clearly remember how much I yearned for our normal routine, how much I prayed to God, I would have traded everything I have for going back to our usual days.
    I got a little bored the other day but I thought to myself- hmm I am bored but its a proof that everything goes well…thank God for blessing me with this moment because all is well so far:)


  3. Pl hurry up!!! And go to your wanderland back, though it is painful for you…We can’t wait for another one, better than “Bangalore Days”. Good luck!!!!

  4. Honestly, not too many people could feel bliss. You seem to have found the right balance. Wish a beautiful 2015.

  5. Dear Anjali,Thank you for the mail.No it is not a mail, but a poem.Let us expect more gud films from you.Go ahead!God’s blessings are with you ..And I wish to work in your film..regards, Ravi 

  6. There was a time when I could feel the Tulsi’s energy was putting me into a meditative state. Unfortunately they don’t make it over the winter in USA. Wishing you more of the bliss state- Happy New Year. We are looking to more of your movies this year.

  7. Nice to hear that you see home most beautiful place and colorful(butterfly designs in windows as in -Bangalore days)
    Have a wonderful….new year 🙂

  8. We’ve missed you! You have this aura of peace, which to me, translates beautifully into the aesthetic of your art. Thanks for the inspiration. And Happy New Year!

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