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On the day Bangalore Days released, I put up a Facebook post “Our Bangalore Days are now yours”, and luckily the audience did actually make the film their own. 🙂 Over the past few weeks I have received so many messages and questions about my thoughts on the adaptation/remake of BD.

An adaptation is a fresh interpretation of an original story. It’s easy to draw comparisons but it takes extra courage and conviction and skill to make an adaptation. As a writer, it is exciting to see a new take on the characters and story for a different audience. And it is heartening to see a whole new team inspired to make it happen.

Here’s wishing Bhaskar, his team and PVP, the best of luck for the release of “Bangalore Naatkal” tomorrow. A special wish for some of the BD team members who are among the cast & crew of BN  🙂

20 thoughts on “Bangalore Naatkal

  1. Hello mam ,I am I am from chennai..and I dream to be a filmmaker and still I try to be for the past one and a half years.during those times I assisted scripts for serial and directed YouTube channel videos..I ask u a help if can u just help me in joining with someone as assistant director..and I really inspires your writing skills..

  2. Dear Madam,

    I am basically from Trivandrum and a product of University college,TVM. Currently working as Head HR in a MNC at Bangalore. Really, i am proud of my state and have lots of nostalgic feel about it. More over it’s a blessed state of many talents as like you..I have enjoyed your movies and expecting many.

    if any chance, let me try to get your attention to highlight my talent to write lyrics for films, which i am really interested to do it from my college days and won prizes in inter-college level.

    if you don’t mind please keep in touch to mail id –

    Best of luck for your future movies madam..



  3. Watched bangalore days again on tv……was so good ……veendum kandirikkaaan thonni….the goodness in you gets potrayed out wth d spices f nostalgia n d youthfullness…..

  4. Hi maam ,big fan of your mom admires your work a lot.i know that you will be very buzy to even reply to this .its just a big favor i need to ask you.its bcoz u could actually shed some limelight on this could help many would have heard about students going abroad for studies and also about some students who might have taken a wrong path wen they are away from their family.but not many people know abt the hardships of students have to go through bcoz of many problems that arise.even when the student is not on the wrong path but is studious.students are in distress .even their family know about the stress but cant do much from home country and many families are not rich enough to actually bring up the issue fearing future educational problems for their kids..maam i promise you there is much more behind the smiling fb pics and selfies of these students.

  5. Anjali, I love the way you add nuances to each frame and how you portray characters as human beings. Bangalore Days was rich with details while Ustad Hotel’s Faizi was more of a human than a hero. Each of it was an experience and I am excited to see more movies from you!
    And one thing Anjali…While watching Bangalore Days, almost throughout the movie it felt like I was living along with the characters except at one place.There was this one instance where I felt like, ”Oh wait..this is a movie!”, and that was when Natasha died.
    There are many couples living exactly the way you portrayed Das and Divya, except that their relationships were complicated because of scores of reasons other than death. Isn’t death a rather dramatic reason for heart break? I felt, if the reason for Das and Divya’s troubled relationship had been something more subtle and realistic, you would have been able to exhibit more of your brilliance in portraying enjoyable realism. Portraying it would have been a challenge of course, but it would have been interesting to see how you picture it.
    Bangalore Days, the way it is, is indeed a masterpiece, but as an immense admirer of yours, I couldn’t help but share these thoughts with you!

  6. The best part of being an artist is the ability to provide happiness through their art to others and being an inspiration. I have always tried to express to writers and singers that they have made my day. They might not know me, but their art has touched me, made me smile, cry, laugh..sometimes gave me hope in the dark days..I hope this makes you feel good and inspired to produce more delightful art so that it could brighten some one’s life! Good luck!

  7. anjali mam am from andhra pradesh and amazed after watchng bangalore days sand became a fan of u n… actually it was the first malayam movie i watchd and best at its peaks.any idea of remaking in telugu mam?

  8. Dear Anjali,

    I have to thank you for bringing back my love for Malayalam Movies with Bangalore days! Thanks for making Mallu movies cooler without losing the naturalness and simplicity that malayalam films are known for.

    Deepthi Nair

  9. dear Anjali maam ,

    we make bangalore days as our own , thatz y still bangalore days are still a live in our hearts…… u made it for us , we accepted and now its our own …still awaiting more happy days from you……….. all the best Anjali mam,,,,,,,,,,



  10. I like the idea of adaptation rather than simple remake. My philosophy is “one size doesn’t fit all”, although we are all humans. Culture and even location where you live are very important. But I guess BD theme is more universal than your other movie – Manjadikkuru! I wish you all the best!

  11. Anjali.. Original has its stake, especially when it has its already wide accepted. As a creative artist, u can see its multi dimensions.. Let the world decide.. Originals are always bold and beautiful.. Remakes are always remakes.. May be old school of thought..

    1. Good question. I remember writing the dog scenes and then wondering if Fahadh would be comfortable with dogs. When I called him to find out, his answer was the best… “Anjali, I carry my dog even to my sets!” 😊 Dulquer’s bike fetish enabled Aju’s racing element. Tho it was in the story his interest helped to push it further. 😊 Kuttan’s character n it’s career graph was written before I first met Nivin. I was amazed when he told me how similar his real life journey was to the script. As for Parvathy, till the movie released I had no idea she was a tv anchor before! Fact is each of them brought their own personal experiences to the characters and made it their own. 😊

  12. Dear Anjaly chechiii…
    At first a welcome gift of nostalgia through MANJAADIKKURU. Then I saw the TEA-MOHABATH-DREAMS journey USTHAAD HOTEL. And lots more… I LIVED A LIFE WITH MY FRIENDS IN YOUR BANGALORE DAYS… And now again BANGALORE NAATKAL… I admire your gifted talent, used in its purest form. Keep going chechiii… Love to meet you one day, for I too have lovable dreams of cinema!!!

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