A love song

favourite love song

Every time I listen to this song, I am enchanted and in love. Watch this video on http://www.youtube.com where Sara Hickman talks about her song ‘Simply’ and sings it for us!

‘Simply’ is a real love song – something Sara wrote for a special someone. He never saw any worth in it and as a result she too believed that it was “a broken song”. In the video she tells this story, and points out that sometimes a creation may not work for the muse or the creator but it can touch people with magic. That is when its true worth emerges.  An important lesson to learn if one is a creator of any sort!

She brings that beautiful love, pain and selflessness to this song like no one else can. It makes one realise that the love is no more between her and “the boy she wrote it for”, instead the love is between the song and herself. Do listen to it and decide for yourself.

‘SIMPLY’  by Sara Hickman

I’ll tell you simply I’m falling for you / I’ve never felt this way before

I dont need flowers & I dont mind tears / I just need you through the years

I’m your lover and you are my friend / We’ve got laughter to share

I’ll always want you to want me /I’ll always want you to care.

We cant be one but two’s fine with me / You’ve got your time and I’ve got mine

I dont need you under my hand / I just need you to understand.

13 thoughts on “A love song

  1. Just saw this…..reminded me of that line in the Bangalore Days song “Ende Kannil” …. “ee paatu ende swandham….ennum swandham”….apparently the person who wrote (my friend) that had similar sentiments too :)…

  2. Life is beautiful when we keep it as simple as possible, yet humans make it complicated.. I wonder why?? A simple songs which means a lot…I just loved it..

  3. Anjaliji,
    nice song and ur favourite song is directly refelcting ur mind and ur lovable heart.this is arun from trivandrum.if u dont mind just share ur e mail id ok mam?

  4. Dear Anjali Mam….
    Merry Christmas!!
    May God bless you richly throughout this seasonal time. . .
    i dnt hav ur mail id .so writin ths wishes here!!
    with lots of Love

  5. “When lov beckons to you follow him,even though his ways r hard and steep”
    truly touchin..
    Hatsoff ! Sara. . . .

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