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The moment

At International Film Festival of Kerala 2009, today is a quiet day – so far – all in anticipation of the awards announcement this evening. An interesting sight to see jury members in hushed corners debating over decisions and filmmakers wondering about their fortunes… Last year I was there.

2008 December 19th –  I was thrilled with the first screening of my film Manjadikuru a day before, and to me that was a milestone in itself – the film was finally SEEN by an audience! It is not something I take for granted.

So attending the awards ceremony on the last day was a mere ritual that marked the end of the festival. Without much of a thought our team chattered along to the function. With the twilight, the lights dimmed and the attention moved onto the stage.  The first award announcement was made – somewhere in it was my name. As we heard it, my husband and I just looked at each other blankly. No reactions. On the stage, some words were being read out (the citation!) and we just sat and watched. Finally someone on stage actually asked me to come up and that is when it started to sink in. I ran up in a blur, mumbled something and ran down in the same speed. I had to read the certificate to realise that it was the Best Indian Debut Director Award!  And then my big smile came on, and I will admit, so did tears. Back at my seat were the individuals who had stood by me through thick and thin, each one moved to moist-eyed smiles.  Even as I write this today, I am overwhelmed. Truly redemptive. So many positives and negatives have been part of this journey and for this moment it seemed worth it.

The next award was the FIPRESCI for the Best Malayalam Film. Once again it was Manjadikuru. Aaah… ecstasy! The first time I had read a FIPRESCI review was in 2001 when my mentor Asif Kapadia won it for “The Warrior”. I continued to read up on FIPRESCI and its reviews with awe through the years. And now our film was on that list 🙂 I cant tell you how much it means to me. Those moments will stay with me forever. The next day was my birthday and this was the best gift I could get!

Today, someone else will be in that moment… and I am very excited for that person. I wish those person/s that peculiar high that makes it worth everything!

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  • wish many more such delightful moments come in ur life. when u will have such moments its sure that we will also have something to cherish, like manjadikuru (i havent seen) and happy journey

  • Indhu December 19, 20097:06 pm

    Anjali Madam…..
    Feeling grt while readin u..

  • Indhu December 19, 20097:23 pm

    Anjali Madam,
    I am Indhu,a film student.
    It ws a dream for me to interact with u once,God is great,tht i got d opprtnty few days b4 at kairali theatr-IFFK..
    Madam,I wish -u remembr me…
    as being a direction-student,now u r my role mdl..really proud to say this..we need more n more from you…
    i dream,to keep in touch with u….
    Indhu Nampoothiri.

  • MANOJ. R December 19, 20098:39 pm

    Anjali, you are right…Your respectful curiosity for the “Pin Gami” is genuine. And Today, the 19th December 2009 created a vacuum to me. Last one week was really informative, creative and enjoyable. By 11.30, I went to Kairaly and Kalabhavan. It was changed much… within a night … New posters, new faces, new smiles… there was no FEFKA Canteen in Kairaly, No one with tagged passes, No discussion voices, No debates, No friends, No Bulletins are flying, No energetic KITTS volunteers. Yes, the festival closed. Since last 8 years I am attending the IFFK except last year. Every year, next to the closing day created the same feel on me. It’s just like the end day of my school Vacation which I spend in my cousin’s home near Changanassry. Obviously, a film lover like me considers the IFFK as not only a learning week, but also a vacation for recharging. I really miss u, IFFK, and I am waiting for 10th December, 2010….

  • Indhu December 20, 20092:07 pm

    thnks for d reply madam..
    Am ur disciple……!!

  • Hitha, fashion Designer January 2, 20101:59 pm

    i have been reading your interviews in magazins, found some similarities in the way of our thoughts, may be not some most of them…..so am just keep in trying to knw more abt you..

    your simply great through the way of presenting urself ans ur thoughts of small small things…you may be the goods of small things.

    All the very best for your future plans.

    Let your Krishna be with you always..

  • chandini June 17, 20109:13 pm

    excuse me ma’m..i know it is not a good way..but what to do..i would like to get a chance to watch MANJADIKURU..hope you will help me..

  • chandini August 15, 20109:43 pm

    want to see MANJADIKURU.. 🙁

  • Ray May 16, 20143:46 pm

    Oru mummyde mon…….vannekunnu

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