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Friends & Foodies!

From Ratatouille

Food & film… those were 2 passions that I shared in common with three of my housemates while at London. We called ourselves the Chenies Mews girls! 🙂

A Greek Ph.D student at London School of Economics, a British (of Sri Lankan origin) law student, an American (of Chinese origin) student of Library Science and me, the Indian at Film School- yes, nothing much in common there but each of us loved to eat, cook and watch movies! Our house was often enriched by the smells of various cuisines as we took turns in the kitchen.

I remember stumbling in at some late night hour- starving and missing home. Just as I’d put the spices on the stove, my housemates would troop down one by one in their pyjamas and all of us would wait till the curry is cooked to wolf it down! 🙂 I’ll never forget some of the delicious dishes all three of them treated me to.

Our special days were those with movies and restaurants sampling all kinds of exotic dishes… imagine my surprise when I’m grandly introduced to the delicacy of Congee at China Town only to recognise it to be our poor old kanji (rice gruel)! 🙂

The parties are our place were famous because we had a great mix of people, a garage transformed to a dance floor, and ofcourse there would be plenty to eat and drink! None of us were particularly into alcohol but we had to serve something special to our guests so we’d make SanGria – that lovely spanish concoction of wine and fruit… The first time we made it, we tried it so many times for taste that four of us were exquisitely happy (read tipsy) even before our guests arrived- ha!

All three of them were so patient with me as the house would fill up with film shooting bric-a-brac until there was no room to breathe! Trust me- it takes an amazing amount of tolerance to live with a film student. And these wonderful gals had it along with a generous dollop of good spirit! When I graduated they got me a film clapboard and am happy that I still use it for luck when we shoot. 🙂

One of the Chenies Mews girls is getting married at the end of the month and I was so looking forward a Chenies Mews reunion. But unfortunately it looks like that has to wait for a bit longer… I wish Ann & Mikael all the best for a fabulous life together and hope to meet them soon.

Until then as I am writing a film script where food plays a big role I am reminded of those lovely days & good friends. I am smiling because somewhere out there, there are three women who would be so chuffed to watch a film for foodies 🙂  This one’s for you!

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  • Rajesh May 18, 20119:14 pm

    ‘Trust me- it takes an amazing amount of tolerance to live with a film student’ — very true.
    Am no film student, just a buff. Still I have realised this aspect from my own friends.
    All the best for your new script.

  • Mathew May 19, 20112:26 pm

    Lucky you…..you were single that time.

    I just finished my course with Metfilm at ealing studios,Ealing broadway and because being a family man(dad of two kids),I didn’t even get a chance to socialise.My daughters will show most affection,love and care in the evening and text me” what time you will reach home papa”.

    Still hanging around in london, resigned from my work which I did for the last 8 years,
    but doesnt matter,atleast filmmaking is my passion and I enjoy movies better than any time in my life.(There was a time in early 90’s,I used to watch 3 movies a day).

    Thats life.Now need to find some AD job,or mobilise some money for a production.(actively investing in stock markets and realestate).

    Just thinking aloud , thats all. Good luck to you


  • Nisha May 24, 20116:01 am

    Best Wishes to Ann and Mikael! God Bless!
    Also prayers and wishes for your new project…

  • Sunu Deth, London June 2, 201112:30 pm

    Good post.. Looking forward for a foodie film from you… i enjoy good food.. however looking from other side of the world where food crisis is at its peak in sub saharan africa, i think a balance need to be maintained.

  • Radhakrishnan Cherpu June 9, 20115:18 pm

    ഭക്ഷണ ഗന്ധം സര്‍ഗ സൃഷ്ടിക്ക് വളമാക്കട്ടെ !
    നല്ലൊരു തിരക്കഥയുമായി പുറത്തു വരിക

  • Soumya July 1, 20115:12 pm

    it was such a pleasant read… left me reminded of my old roommates n all fun we had had. Its one of n experience! 🙂 wishes to your friend! now expectations r high .. make another super movie! k… :)))))

  • vinjk May 17, 20129:31 am

    I found this blog after reading your interview on rediff. I am digging your blog…a bit of personal touch and some points to ponder upon. This is the blog post that resonated with me the most (so far).
    I am an absolute foodie and a cinema lover. I am the kind of guy who loves to watch movies in a cinema alone. Being a research student, I have access to ton of DVD/CD of past and present movies and books/interviews of masters of cinema. Yes, I have lot of free time as well which gives me the luxury of watching 4-5movies a week in a theatre and one movie a day at home. Unfortunately, my research field has nothing to do with cinema or arts. I am mad.

    Living in Singapore gives the opportunity to try out all kinds of cuisines. It’s a foodie’s paradise. My brother and I were on a food discovery mission. Now I do that along with my wife!

    Keep writing more blog articles and movies. Loved your segment in Kerala Cafe. I wish more filmmakers write blog.

    Take care

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