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Which movie? Or which theatre?

I was surfing through the channels and came across a panel discussion where the topic of discussion was ‘Movie Theatres in Kerala’.  On the panel were representatives of each concerned party – director, producer, distributor, exhibitor etc… all except ofcourse – the audience. Since everyone involved belongs to one federation/union or the other, it made me wonder if its time for the audience to have a union or a federation to protect their rights 🙂

So when you hook up with friends/family for a weekend movie… do you choose the movie first or the theatre? I know folks who’ll watch the next movie at their fav theatre no matter what it is & I also know people who’ll even sit among rats to watch the movie they wanna see.

So what does the audience really expect from the movie theatres?

Wishing everyone a new year that twinkles with good cheer! 🙂


P.S.: If you have a favourite theatre in your area, I’d love to know its name!



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  • ettanps January 6, 201210:06 pm

    for me it has always been which movie first and then the theatre…

    • asishmenon January 7, 201212:02 am

      Am a movie freak, but i am hesitant to watch a movie alone; i would like to take my wife and lil daughter with me to the movie hall. And therefore the safety and convenience [i didnt mean comfort – that isnt my priority] in a movie hall is important to me. I have avoided [and missed!!] good movies when they were released in ‘chaloo’ theatres! I assume a majority of audience think the same way as i do. ‘Chaloo’ theatres are the ones which has the ‘badwill’ 😛 of screening ‘masala movies’ frequently where many of the audience come intoxicated, wearing folded lungies.

  • Rahul (@mystifen) January 6, 201210:11 pm

    Watching a movie in a theatre is an experience, if the movie was the only thing that mattered, people would watch it at home. I feel that theatre conditions affect our sense of happiness, but not necessarily our reaction towards a film. Its possible to enjoy a good movie in a bad theatre and still come out unhappy.

    Expectations from a movie theatre: Comfortable and clean seats, Excellent sound design and quality, proper screen positioning (have you been to Coronation theatre in Calicut, the screen is miles from the balcony) and reasonable pricing. These are the basic necessities for us, the audience (or audien as certain people in the movie industry have started calling us, its absurd). It would be great if theatres can provide good parking facilities, online ticket booking (maybe tie-up with some website) and clean toilets. Crowd control is something beyond the theatre management, and its one thing that pushes families away from theatres. Its disgusting what types of comments you have to endure while watching a perfectly decent movie with family. On the whole, theatres do matter if thats the target audience for a film maker.

  • 7itu January 6, 201210:16 pm

    Sree Padmanabha – TVM

  • Rajesh January 6, 201210:32 pm

    No, the theatre is never an important criteria to watch a movie.

    But the point is that our movie culture is terrible these days that watching movie in a theatre is a horrifying experience. People talking loudly on mobiles, People chatting loudly and the bloody young guys who just shout and shout (I am not talking about the initial euphoria that accompanies for a super stars first shot on screen or such matters) their terrible opinions and comments, most of the time really bad and insulting, especially if the movie is not what they expected, all make a movie experience really a terrible time.
    Add to this the lack of cleanliness in the theatre. The audience has to take the blame for the cleanliness aspect, as nobody cares. After a show, the theatre looks like a market place. This is the same even if the viewers are rich or poor. In Kochi, more than a few times I have seen sarcastic looks at me, when I take my tea cups to the waste box outside.

    Out of all the the arrogant, vulgour and loud comments by youngsters are really the worst. Recently for the movie Mayakkan Enna, in Ernakulam Shenoys theatre, the young crowd was atrocious. They might have expected a real masala movie from Dhanush, but this one was a different fare. Either they could keep quite, or could walk out. Instead they went on a relay of commentary, which was bloody vulgour and horrible. I couldnt beleive that they were my own Indian brothers. There were so many Tamil families and I was wishing they did not understand all that bloody Malayalam. How can they shout such vulgour comments when they see women sitting i n the next row

    I think it is hightime we educate people on a theatre culture.

    Padma theatre in Ernakulam looks really good for the very first show of the day. Thereafter, it is the same story. Popcorns, tea cups and everything scattered on the floor – The theatre manager is my friend, but he says they are helpless. There is hardly 10 or 15 minutes between two shows and it is impossible for them to clean the theatre for the next show. Even the Kochi multiplexes are having problems with cleaning, with the short time between shows.

    In Ermalloor Sania, a very new theatre, it is really quite. It is told the theatre has some staff who can act like bouncers and hence everybody is afraid to make bad comments.

    I have an opinion.
    Mobile jammers inside every theatre
    Bouncers in theatre
    May be, dont permit food and drinks inside theatre.

  • akhilsathyan January 6, 201210:45 pm

    Agree with AM !! I say “Waaaw” if i see an awaited movie in a nice theatre !!

    I have seen awful movies in awesome theaters and awesome movies in awful ones ! In the latter, the feel good factor of movies is obviously less !! Hate those who spit on the floor n Am damn scared of rats 🙁

    Screening a good movie in a bad theater is jus like serving a delicious food in a dirty plate !

  • Ranjeet Sankar January 6, 201211:16 pm

    Movie first. Nothing else matters. Favorites are all in Trivandrum except S.L.Theaters.

  • Chandu January 7, 201212:22 am

    Sangeeth in Bangalore. Trashy theatre, but it screens Malayalam movies regularly. Happy new year.

  • Vazhipookkan... January 7, 20121:53 am

    I don’t really care about the theater conditions, but I choose the nearest one or else my friends can reach easily. So I have had a lots of experience with rats, spit graphics, mosquitoes, leaking roof, smoking(smoke n fire we got only in Delhi, but multiplex is very neat n clean), socks smells and finally with broken chairs 🙂

  • Suhas Anil January 7, 20129:59 am

    I ‘m from Eramalloor, 15 Km from Kochi/vytila. We have one of the best theatres in Kerala. Jonappan chettan owns it, his son and actor ezhupunna baiju manages it. The name is Sania cinema-Its AC theatre with good seating, and good sound system along with digital cinema.. more or less like a multiplexes in Kochi or Bangalore.. staff is also good, they make sure that audience behave well..i’d say they do good policing.

    the other theatre at my place is Rekha theatre, both are owned by same person..Rekha theatre used to be good, but with new theatre in operation, its lost the charm. If going for a second show, Crowd at Rekha theatre is unruly and mischevious- more or less hooligans.

    Watching movie in the theatre is more about the experience, the environment there and less about the movie. I spent quite a lot of college days bunking classes and going for movies with my friends. there were occassions where we watched 3 movies in one day.

  • Preethish Janardhanan January 7, 201210:20 am

    PVR Cinemas in Bangalore is a class apart. It gives an entirely new refreshing experience. It is very clean as well. When I was in college, I used to run to Rex Theatre to watch any English movie screened there. The movie was not that important, because at that time (around 13 years back) there was not many platforms to read movie reviews apart from that was available in Deccan Herald newspaper. The crowd was excellent. A lot of youngsters and it was great fun

  • Anzeem January 7, 201212:55 pm

    in trivandrum i think ‘sree padmanabha’ is best…. Few months back i went to sreevisakh theatre for ‘salt n pepper’… pathetic condion..
    To the distributers,
    dont release such gud films in these types of theatres…those r for B grade telugu movies…

  • PeyeS January 7, 20123:21 pm

    I think in Trivandrum, the best one is Sree Padmanabha!!!

  • Unni Malayil January 8, 20128:37 am

    Ya… I think its the time to start an audience federation.

  • hormese January 10, 20121:39 pm

    When in college in mangalore we used to watch every malayalam movie that came there. those are memorable experiences, not so much because of the movies as for the condition of the theaters. Any theater anywhere in the world would any day be better than those theaters there. they had ceiling fans instead of AC; high speed fans that could only be heard and not felt. Worse, ceiling Fans only brought the hot air back down. Broken chairs, that wouldn’t recline anymore. Projection screens visibly torn, jarring speakers, snack packets and left overs from previous shows, not to mention the rats! Do you get the picture? But We never missed a show. such was the enthusiasm.Things changed in the later years though. While the standard of the theaters remained same, movies took a plunge. I remember walking out of Sagar jackie alias jackie. There was no logic in watching such movies in such theaters. Many more walkouts followed. I think bad movie and bad theater together have done so much damage to the market, that its beyond repair now. Let God save!

    So what does the audience really expect from the movie theatres? Good movies. thats all.

    In Thrissur, my favorite theater is the mighty Raagam.

  • In Trivandrum, none other than Sree Padmanabha

  • ashwin rohan January 12, 20129:13 am

    am from Trivandrum and the the one and only A-grade theater here is sreepadmanabha. they are maintaining their theater in its best way.!!! whether in the case of Air conditioning, sound systems, projectors, seats and service… i think its the best among all..!!! (y)

  • Reghu Shanker January 12, 20125:43 pm

    Hi Anjali Menon,

    I would like to apologize for putting this message over here. I am an amateur film maker who got admitted to London Film School this year for MA in Film Production. I am planning to specialize in cinematography.I understand that you have graduated from LFS on 2000. I do not have contact of any Indian alumini with whom I can check whether this school is a viable option for me if I want to work in the Indian Film Industry as a cinematographer. My concerns include the very high tuition fee and how prepared I would be to work on a professional set when I graduate. I am leaving my IT profession for this.

    I hope you can point me in the right direction.


      • Reghu Shanker February 17, 201210:57 am

        Thanks Anjali for the help.I really appreciate it.Best of luck with Ustad Hotel,let it be another gem from you.


  • ACR January 13, 20122:37 am

    hi, maam,

    I’m from tvm and here padmanabha is the only well maintained theatre.

    also there is another theatre in an nearby coastal area, near kazhakoottam, a place called kadinamkulam, named V TRACKS.

    in my opinion it is the best in kerala. excellent multiplex ambeience, imported seats, curtain, excellent laser show, HD PROJECTOR (Only one in kerala,).

  • Vineeth January 13, 20123:12 pm

    Finally the unions and federations got to give their voice on the “best” theatres in Kerala without any input of the audience who can give the best experience or views about the theatres.
    In this age of inflation, it is no surprise if you see “AC” cinema halls switching over to “air conditioning” by fans, uncleaned screens, torn chairs etc.. Maybe there is a real requirement of good theatres.
    Some of my experiences include watching Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows-2 in “3-D” in a (in)famous theatre in Trichur where, unfortunately all big budget hindi and English movies are released, Trichur Bindu “AC” 🙂 /”DTS” 🙂
    1. No AC, they actually had the nerve to keep the door open for most of the movie so that natural air conditioning would be possible.
    2. The seats were in the worst possible state. Most of them torn
    3. The screen was in desperate need of wash and in the end of the movie, there is a sequence where the frame is white but it appeared as dusty as in a storm, in the theatres.
    4. Above all they charged around 80rs, for the so called “3-D” experience. ( cheap 3d glass available for 10rs, that too which had to be returned ).

    Have many other experiences like this. One notable deterioration is the case of Ragam theatre which used to be the biggest and the best in Trichur a while back. Now its not the case.

    In my view Girija and Ramdas/Ravikrishna are good (better than rest). Even Kairali/Sree is not so bad.

    • ACR January 14, 20122:33 am

      what vineeth said is true in case of most theatres across kerala…

    • Rahul raj June 29, 201210:48 am

      Hey vineeth, You should visit following theatres.

      1 Kanjani Brahmakulam, Thrisuur (renovated)
      2 Kanjani Simla
      3 Pergottukara deva (renovated), known for its lazer show.

  • Jithesh Dev January 14, 201210:04 pm

    chechee.. theatre ethaayalum movie nannayal mathi.. 🙂

    Calicut Crown; Tirur PVS- Golden Award Theatre

  • unfloccinaucinihilipilificationist January 17, 20125:40 pm

    Kottayam and Ernakulam is blessed with good theaters.. Hence i never had a chance to bother my moods while watching a movie, especially at kottayam… Thanks to Central pictures, who runs four of the theater’s at kottayam and two at changanessery… I would call them ‘the terrible film lovers’… you might be of course knowing this… the recent survey by the govt… chose Kottayam Anand theater as the best Theater in kerala with a platinum rating… and no one ever will tell their charges arent reasonable for the facilities they provide… pakshe Sakshal Ayyapanilathe enthonnu Sabarimala… its always the cinemas that matter…

    hmmm… I saw mast of ma fav movies in kottayam Abilash theater and i wish to c ‘usthad hotel’ in the big screens of kottayam Abilash.

    dont prove me wrong…

  • Appu N. Bhattathiri January 25, 20123:20 am

    Movie theatre or movie is a complicated question! Usually my choice would be to go for the movie but it has so happened that I have delayed watching a few films with the idea of catching up those on a better cinema that provided quality sound and visual!
    I don’t think there aren’t many single screens that has given me great experiences in Trivandrum besides Sree padmanabha. I’m definite that some of the multiplexes has given me the best experience irrespective of the pathetic way the makers made their films. Q cinemas, Cinemax in Kochi; Inox in Goa; Sathyam cinemas, Escape, Fame national, Ags cinemas have all been wonderful in Chennai.
    If u haven’t checked out Sathyam or Escape in Chennai that is a huge miss. They are the multiplexes that cud put any theatre in India to shame I guess. They are simply too awesome! 🙂

  • Deepak Pradeep March 7, 201210:44 am

    Most of the times its the movie.. but i remember there used to be a time.. after i passed out from school.. me and my friend used to watch every single movie that released in Sridhar theatre, Ernakulam.. they play mostly english or hindi movies and therefore change their releases frequently.. the ambience and the crowd makes Sridhar special.. it was kinda multiplex feel at those times..

  • Anand March 24, 201211:42 am

    Ermalloor Saniya will give u a nice experience, which is 20 km from Ernakulam.

  • Prasad April 14, 20121:19 am

    Thrissur Ragam

  • KIRAN May 9, 20128:20 pm

    hi, maam,
    RAGAM ,RAVIKRISHNA,KANJANI brahmakulam…, KANJANI SIMLA.,kodungallur ashoka theatre
    PERINGOTTUKARA DEVA these theaters will give u a nice experience

  • niksnikhil s R May 14, 20126:15 pm

    tvm :it’s SREE PADMANABHA (may b best in kerala)
    chennai: Escape n satyam.. AGS too..
    blore: PVR
    dese were / are nearer to me n gave nice xperience 🙂

    • shanu May 20, 201212:18 pm

      in tvm its VTRACKS at Kadinamkulam…the only HD theatre in kerala..superb theatre..no dbt its the best in kerala..

      • Nikhil December 10, 20138:21 pm

        Normal movie film resolution is higher than HD in every theater…

  • Rahul raj June 29, 201210:41 am

    In thrissur Ragam you can have different experience. Its not a so called new generation film theatre, but it was a then secret proud of thissurians. Ragam is huge theatres and it still gives you an awesome ambiance.

    Kanjani Brahmakulam, Thrissur is best for sound quality and seating arrangments. It was renovated recently and better than any multiplexes i visited. Kanjani Simla was the best theatre in Thrissur since 5 years andd its only competators are Thrissur Ravikrishna and Brahmakulam (Which is in the same compound) itself . Even mammotty and many other film officials have watched movies in Simla Theatre Kanjani.

    Pergottukara Deva was also renowated and one of the best theatres in the district. There are few more good theatres in the districts which i never visited. But the bad side the ticket price hike. It reached Rs 50 for first class and Rs 70 for balcony. Brahmakulam have a luxury class for Rs 80 which is an excellent experience.

  • Sajad Saidu July 12, 20126:36 pm

    My favourite theatres are always brahmakulam and Simla in Kanjani, Thrissur. They provide the best cinema experience. I do not miss a single movie releasing there if I am present in my native….

  • Oswin July 19, 201211:29 pm

    Padhma Theater, Kochi

    • Sushil September 13, 201510:59 am

      Kasaragod Mehboob is indeed like a multiplex but worst in terms of cleanliness. Visit Sania Movie House in Eramalloor, a single screen theatre but the floors shine like anything at any point of time and the ambiance and comfort is just superb.

  • Nazil July 24, 201210:31 pm

    Hi mam,
    Im from kanhangad, the best theatre in kanhangad is Vinayaka Paradise only. Best seating, Good air conditioning , good sound system. And the Kailas theatre & Deepthi theatre gives good DTS experience.
    In kasaragod, Mehaboob is a good theatre, it seems like a multiplex screen, seats, sounds and AC. and the Krishna (renovated) is also good theatre.. and in case remaoning theatres, itz time to renovate. Thank u.

  • Kannan Aaryan November 16, 20129:22 pm

    My fav theatre kanchani brahamakulam and simala……..
    When im a boy i seende a movie

  • ARUN December 7, 20121:26 pm


  • ashik January 22, 201310:15 am

    perinjottukara deva A/C PXD now rocking!

  • nijil March 4, 20137:27 pm

    thangal theater kandittilla poyi kanjani simlayilum brahmakulathum padam kaanu ,,,,,,enjoy the real theatre exp …….SIMLA (mini brahmakulam)a/c dts dolbydigital ultra stereo keralas first 8 track 3600 watts zenar light projector seating first time in kerala volvo pushback ……BRAHMAKULAM a/c IJBL hi watt theater sound system ..dts ultra stereo 8 track …..one of big screen ….sound no words …one and only silindrical hall ..that make perfect sound effect …luxury class it was excellent ….

  • Ameesh Ami November 16, 20137:59 pm

    Awesome theater. I like it ….

  • Binil Kshethrapalan June 17, 20146:21 pm

    Cochin- EVM Cinemas, EKM- PADMA, CINEMAX, PVR, Q Cinemas, Sridhar

  • Anoop S Mohan July 15, 20141:01 pm

    trivandrum.. sreepadmanabha,kaleeswari, sree saraswathy onnum kandittillenn thonunnu

    • nijil April 26, 20157:55 pm

      ha ha ha …. pinneee …just come and
      enjoy brahmakulam its an old theater
      but eppozhum eethu new generation um
      muttu virakkum …..munpu ..DTS ..ultra
      stereo …6 track ..from USA …..annu
      keralathile eettavum powerful system
      aarnnu …eppo I JBL hi watt theater
      sound system …3600 watts hi power
      zenar light projector one of keralas
      biggest screen one and only cylindrical
      hall its avowsam movie experiance
      …..Simla pakka new gen theater with
      DTS ..Dolby digital …ultra stereo …8
      track first in Kerala …from USA ……
      undertaking same management

  • niyas ahamed September 24, 20142:15 pm


  • nijil April 26, 20157:53 pm

    ha ha ha …. pinneee …just come and enjoy brahmakulam its an old theater but eppozhum eethu new generation um muttu virakkum …..munpu ..DTS ..ultra stereo …6 track ..from USA …..annu keralathile eettavum powerful system aarnnu …eppo I JBL hi watt theater sound system …3600 watts hi power zenar light projector one of keralas biggest screen one and only cylindrical hall its avowsam movie experiance …..Simla pakka new gen theater with DTS ..Dolby digital …ultra stereo …8 track first in Kerala …from USA ……undertaking same management ……

  • nijil April 26, 20159:19 pm

    recently I watch ..fast and furious …and OK kanmani in muvattupuzha canton mall cine point …woww amazing sound affect … njan imax I’ll film kandittundu dxb I’ll …120000 watts sound affect I’ll world le biggest screen I’ll ….aa oru sound affect feel …..capsul theater il vere oruthilum njan ethra sound affect experience cheythittilla …..superb … ente fave theater alil onnayi maari kazhinju cine point …

  • Mohamed Arshad. June 15, 20152:48 pm

    Am Arshad from Tirur.. Njaan kandathil vech ettavum nalla sound thissur Ragam, calicut crown(old),ekm shenoys, sridhar, padma, tvm New, Perinnthalmanna KC. Because ellayidathum sound system “pulz” aanu…….

    • Anugrah June 22, 20156:13 pm

      pls visit Ambadi Theater Koyilandy(Calicut) XD 10 TRACK first in kerala,Also Mukkam PC

      • Anugrah June 22, 20156:14 pm

        pls visit Ambadi Theater Koyilandy(Calicut) XD 10 TRACK first in kerala,Also Mukkam PC

  • Abhishek S Nair June 20, 20169:16 am

    you should watch movies in dhanya and remya cinemas kollam.the best sound system in kerala Auro 11.1 by barco.if u have any doubt u can search about auro 11.1.its amazing.there onlf few movies released in 11.1 format.

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