Same same? Not really.

Sharing an article I wrote for Times of India on Kerala Piravi, November 1 2018.  Because the same conversations are happening all over again. As someone said, those who understand, will and the those who don't, wont.  Running, swimming same same. 😀 At the time of Kerala Piravi I am wishing for a rebirth - [...]

A better take

It’s 9:02 PM on our shooting set. The last take was okay -  just okay. I would love another take but if we go beyond 9PM the crew payments go into 3rd call sheet, dinner has to be organised on set, there is need for late night transportation which eventually affects the next morning schedule [...]

Unlike everyone else? Stay that way.

School is a place where we first learn about social behaviour. We learn from our peers and as much from our teachers. I have learned about many professions and I believe the most under-rated one is that of a school teacher. This I do not say from sympathy for the plight of the school teacher [...]

Taking a stand

When I was studying at Pune University, one day we heard of a Mumbai television unit that was shooting on the campus. I trooped off to go see the action and I stood there watching Vinta Nanda directing. I remember seeing her as this exuberant, energetic director and wondering if I had to shed being [...]

The Great Leveller

Last month I was invited to be guest editor on the Onam edition of Times of India. It was my first time doing something like this and with great excitement, Dipal Gala, the Features editor & myself set about getting the writers together. Of late many incidents in Kerala illustrated how divisive things were becoming [...]