Something out of Nothing?

A classroom full of arguments about what its name should be - finally it came down to a vote... like everything else about this seminar-turned-mammoth-media-show, we voted for its name as well and the final choice (never a consensus!) was 'Media Melange'. And so was born the first of its kind media student seminar that [...]

I adore Jane Campion!

She admitted that many, including herself, made the mistake of obsessing about the external things - and ignoring the internal things/themselves in the whole filmmaking process; when actually one is the most important instrument and so one should nurture and preserve one's physical, emotional and mental being. She urged me to think about it and find the space and peace to think, to ideate and to create.

With and without words!

Saw many interesting films too but I have to say my favourite screening was with the restoration of the 1960s American film TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD starring Gregory Peck. Based on Harper Lee's novel, this story and film have been my favourite for long time. It tells the story of Atticus a lawyer and his two children Jem and Scout told through the eyes of six year old Scout.

Outsiders Insiders

The other day a lady called NURA wrote to me mentioning that she felt alienated from her own culture because she was an "unfortunate NRI".  She felt that she was judged even before she spoke.[Reference] It can be quite a predicament when one has lived in multiple cities and countries and identifies with different cultures [...]


This month my calendar has a lot of red marks - each of them indicate deadlines and right now February looks like a floral rangoli pattern!! How is it that the universe conspires to bring all the things on at the same time? Thank you for all the responses to the posts! Am actually guilty [...]