The dragonflies still flutter…

Every time I see Thoovaana Thumbikal, like the first time when I ardently hoped - I still hope that this time Clara and Jayakrishnan will end up together!"

Myths/ Films

Myths & icons are part of every culture - be it Santa Claus or Hanuman... I found it interesting that two major releases in India this month are based on the oldest epics of the country - Rajneeti ( a take on Mahabharat) and Raavan (a spin on Ramayan). The posters dont say it, nor do the [...]

Translate please!

An interesting thought has emerged yet again... distribution of regional language films in India with subtitles. It has been talked about often but no one seems to be doing much about it. Even an epic film like Pazhassi Raja is dubbed into multiple languages but not released with subtitles. Personally I find dubbed language films [...]