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Learning the right things

Since the lockdown, the more privileged among us are at home. Safe in our oysters and leading life from day to day with our families, within four walls of an apartment or a house. We have come back to the basic organisational unit – the family. The molecule of society.

In this world of hyper connectivity, this offers us a time to reconnect person to person and also to look at ourselves. Do we have the life-skills every person needs to have? Here is a video that lists 10 life skills and explains them beautifully.

Click here to see video – 10 Basic Life Skills

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Do Laundry, Wake up Independently, Prepare meals, Pack bags, Commute on their own using public transport, Order at restaurants, Take care of another living being, Manage Money, Do Grocery shopping, Plan an outing.

Simple, right?

Wrong.Β  The children will learn easily. But what about the adults who do not know/practice these skills and are dependent on others? Any adult should practice theseΒ  but many don’t because they have been infantilised by their own families. Men and women are responsible for this bunch of adult babies spoilt in the name of love. Isn’t love supposed to help people grow rather than render them incapable?

At such a time as now, these life-skills (except those to be practiced outside the home) are essential.Β  Also a real awareness about one’s own skillset will help one appreciate what someone else is doing for us. For example, I wonder how many of those sharing sexist jokes about spouses on social media, are actually adults who can function at home without depending on their partners. Others who are dependent on domestic helpers may want to learn how to survive without them, and how to respect them when they are around. It’s a great time to learn the right things.

Above all, I have observed is that practising life skills has some IMMEDIATE RESULTS! Makes people smarter. Immediately reduces stupidity. Makes people happy to have you around. Lockdown or no lockdown. πŸ™‚

Β #Stay safe. #Stay at home.

By the way, I am practising mine and loving it. πŸ™‚



Comments: 8

  • Ram S March 30, 20204:21 pm

    Interesting. I have took this free time to review and improve upon my Daily Life. To do the same, I have started reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. Its a good book that explains our habits. To connect it to your post, this book helps us build the life-skills you have mentioned above. Its a highly recommended book to anyone who is planning to build better habits and get rid of bad ones.

  • saggigal March 31, 20201:35 am

    Absolutely agree. It is when you enter your 30s you realize how most of our adulting is heavily based on how we were brought up and what our habits in childhood and teens were. And totally not a fan of the sexist jokes either which are mostly stereotyping ‘the wife’. Keep spreading the light ! πŸ™‚

  • Ilakkiyaa March 31, 20209:32 pm

    Very true. We have become so accustomed to having other people take care of us, be it a mother, a household help or even a Swiggy delivery guy, that being on our own has become a scary affair. More so for men I believe, because our society berefts them of essential survival skills like cooking, and cleaning, while women are automatically meant to learn them. Exhibit A: My husband who finally learnt how to make a dosa at 26 years of age thanks to Modi! πŸ˜€

    • Kallol chatterjee April 24, 202012:26 am

      If u don’t mind…did u studied in Kolkata…st Thomas girls school?

  • Uma Haridas August 17, 20207:36 am

    Hi anjali chechi
    True to your words..
    Love reading your words…beautifully laid out in simple to understand terms such things…which we all should take time to reflect upon..
    Thank you…
    Lots of love …

  • Athira November 8, 20206:45 pm

    Amazing Anjali

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