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Recently I took up a different kind of detox. I switched off my mobile phone. For 10 days. And it was the best gift I gave myself in a looooong time!

It took me a couple of days to lose the urge to keep checking my phone for calls, messages or reminders or the time. I started looking at clocks, telephone books, notes, maps and most importantly people. I had to turn on the mental faculty that remembers numbers (than look up my contact list), appointments (than look up my reminders), people’s birthdays (than look at my calendar), directions (than call up someone for help), visuals (than whip out my mobile camera) and even access my body clock that would wake me up in the morning without the beeping mobile phone!

I started using my pen more. I could go on a walk without being hassled with calls. I could stay in the movie even after leaving a cinema hall, because I didnt have to respond to missed calls. I didnt have to deal with insensitive callers who dont care that they’re interrupting me in the middle of something. I didnt have the leash on me. The stress just vaporized… and it felt wonderful!

Those who needed to reach me always know my email or my office phone. But the choice was mine – as to when I would access them. Just that was very liberating.Ā I could converse to those around me more, observe, assimilate, daydream and “connect” to my real life than spend hours on the mobile phone frying my brains for a thousand things that may not be worth it.

Hope you try it – YOU are worth it.

To all those people who are visiting the blog and writing back – a special “thank you”.

You surprise me and I like surprises šŸ™‚Ā Have a great week!

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  • saneesh tom June 6, 201011:59 am

    what to say… how could u do it?

    after all of ur description about what u did, even i too want to try it..
    even though i cant do it for 10 days due to my job-related reasons, i will try it at least for few days.
    let me try and reply u…

  • Hari Chakyar June 6, 201012:00 pm

    haha, where the phone becomes the leash! I never thought of my phone as a leash, probably one of the few privileges of not being someone important.:P. I know people who have done this in the past and have come back into life revitalized like you probably feel, wonder if it is like taking a holiday?

    The part where you say you used your pen more strikes me as amusing. I used to love writing pen-on-paper and couldn’t get my flow of words without it. Now, the pen just runs amok, like it’s being sniffing glue or something! Makes me think if the laptop is actually a handicap that we so lovingly harbour.

  • Viji Sam June 6, 201012:10 pm

    At a funeral in a quaint church of central Kerala;mourning moment , a popular hindi song vocalized by Himesh Reshamiya beeped .That was a reminder call by a wife to her bank employee husband to buy a broiler chicken way back home!

    Why a pure calm world spoiled after the arrival of MOBILE PHONE ? Vodafone or Airtel or BSNL or IDEA …is not the culprit.
    The desire to get conencted always.That desire transformed to one among the basic needs of human.it was only food and shelter…now mobile phone also.

    A similar beep happened at a baptism ceremony in another church.Poor little baby named Mary is also disturbed at her baptism function.What a world of CONNECTING NOISES!

    Viji Sam

  • Jain June 6, 20106:29 pm

    Great idea of getting disconnected from the world of radiations, missed calls, unwanted texts etc.
    Hope you had a great peace of mind when connected more to the real world. I like the way you narrated. šŸ™‚

    Jain Andrews

  • Akku June 8, 20101:37 am

    Hey anjali, ths coment am typing frm ma mobile. Whatever u say i misd ma mobile so much today n realised hw wel we ve made it part of our lives. .wana get rid is nt an easy part. Obviously hatsoff 2 u. .

  • Rajesh Menon June 11, 201012:43 pm

    Hi Anjali,

    Wanted to connect up with you. Is it possible? My cell no is 9820997098 and mail id is rajeshk37@hotmail.com.

    Wanted to act in Mallu movies!! Can you help?


    Rajesh Kumar Menon

  • chandini June 11, 20106:02 pm

    last week,when i was in class…subject being taught is science and technology..the teacher talked about the influence of sci n tech..told about mobile phones..tht it has been a must for every one now-a-dayz..later,i thought of avoiding my mobile for a few time..n i came into a conclusion tht i wont resist witht mobile..as,now the trend has been focussed upon texting and so many..texting is the main thing that has influenced me a lot..i cannot think about a day without texting!!

    so hatsoff to you..!!make the world explore..the moment of silence.. withot beeps..!!

  • Chandu June 13, 20104:52 pm

    Thanks for the offer, ma. But it’s almost impossible for guys like me. Job has tied us to the cellphone.

  • Sanal Kumar Sasidharan Nair June 14, 20102:15 pm

    Hey Anjali,
    One of the comments took me back in Time “The Funeral”
    My best friend at a rainy funeral of an old man of 90 started laughing when he heard a cell phone ring. Should he have stopped/controlled to avoid the upcoming tragedy. This guy unable to stop laughing moved around ending up 3ft below the earth way ahead of the 90yr old man !!! – It was so rainy that it took enough effort to pull him out, before the family really would react to the scene burying him instead ….

    And well said, these cell phones .. I too need a break .. from work from friends from family from everthing so that i can give some time to my loving myself and pen my thoughts i have been longing this for a while, hope i do this this year – Kinda B’day Resolution too …. Gemini Rocks 4 me !


  • chandini June 17, 20109:05 pm

    hoping to go through your way like you..last day,i told my mom about this post..and said that,i am too going to try that..even if impossible in this times..

  • aashish July 13, 20104:00 am

    great idea to switch off mobile..!!

    but how ur friends/relatives etc contacted u during that time?
    hav u informed people hu r close to u abt this idea and asked them to avoid calling???

    did u missed any imp call during that period..!!

    i too like to avoid the cell phone..but…
    ringxiety is the main problem now….dont know how to get away from that…!!

  • Rasab July 20, 20108:48 pm

    Hi Anjali,

    I know its kinda wierd but i dunno how else to put this. Am presently working as a junior advocate but am kinda stuck in a rut. My real passion is films and am an aspiring writer. That a strach coz you find a lot of guys like me around. The thing is i would like to work in films but have no clue where to start. I was just wondering if i could work under you in some capacity and just like to discuss my ideas with you. Thats all.

  • abdulhameed August 28, 201010:37 pm

    I wont switch off my mobile.
    j can of course limit access to those I chooseŲŒ
    My mom lives alone. My children are travelling all the timeŲŒ i am also on the move……..I Want to feel next to them.
    More over my cell is my computerŲŒ my internetŲŒ my atlas n gprsŲŒ my camera n photo albumŲŒ my diary n calendarŲŒ my calculaterŲŒ my account bookŲŒ my fm radioŲŒ my video game………….I can use it as an emergency torchlight ŲŒ andŲŒ as I have suun someone doingŲŒŲŒ use it as a mirror to comb my hairŲŒ switchimg on the webcam!
    may be I cant use it as a trigger to detonate any bomb! But thats alright.

  • gauthamkalikrishna June 27, 20121:19 am


  • Uma May 31, 20147:47 pm

    So very true.. I have planned to try this very soon asa I have my dear one near me.. Love your movies chechi.. Just saw Banglore days, 1st day morning show. Tomorrow going again.. Is there a way I can get in touch with you??

  • subi June 16, 20153:57 pm

    namuk ei parayunna bhasha ariyilla athu kondu thanne parayunilla………… cinima eallam nannayitund… nalla cinimayaanu,,, einiyum nanlla cinima undavate….. NB; kootathil eanik abhinayikaanulla oru kathamathravum undavate

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